Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Willie Nelson, the great unwashed troubadour of country music and world renowned marijuana smoker, has told the story of how in 1978 he smoked a joint on the roof of the White House while visiting then President, Jimmy Carter. Whether this story is the stuff of urban legend, or it actually happened, it remains one of my favorite stories of all time.

Considering the recent actions of Jimmy Carter in the Middle East, one has to wonder if the former President joined his friend up on the roof that night. I wonder if after the First Lady and Brother Billy were safely tucked away in their... Read More

It might be more of a whimper.

This morning in his Radio Factor, Bill O’Reilly asked his listeners to call in and explain to him who was going to win Pennsylvania tomorrow and why. That was the important catch. The caller had to specify why he or she felt that way. I never heard anyone call in to take on his challenge. Most people just believe what the polls say. But if you rely on polls, you will find yourself fighting in the Supreme Court over hanging chads in Florida. Being as that I was at work, calling in to Mr. O’Reilly was not an option (although I may e-mail... Read More

BrooWaha greets me thus: “Journalism needs to be rethought, thanks for joining the revolution!”And having been in the mainstream media for a longer period than I should have logically sustained, I am thrilled at the prospect of joining this revolution (sincere thanks are due, to my friend and an outstanding writer, Rachel Eagle Reiter. Coming to the revolution, what could this possibly be all about? Some crucial aspects that are redefining journalism, not just in degree, but in type, include the following:

Horizontal Communication: The traditional newsroom is part of a physical... Read More

I know how John McClane felt in Die Hard 2: Die Harder when he said, “I’m really getting tired of being right all the time.”

Remember I wrote an article where I laid the murder of Jamile Andre Shaw, Jr., at the feet of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa? Remember that I said that it was L.A.’s sanctuary city policy that allowed Pedro Espinosa to remain in the city because Los Angeles has an official policy of not helping Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents locate and deport known illegal aliens? Remember how I said that the reason for this policy was... Read More

The opportunities for a high school graduate are pitiful. Today's young people have nothing to look forward to. College is an unaffordable luxury for most, with no guarantees that it will be worth the sacrifices and time spent. Nor are there programs for different learning abilities. The news is that jobless rates are extremely high and the economy is extremely down. Housing, food and entertainment are unaffordable. When a young person is at their healthiest, most exuberant time in life, ready to be in the world and show themselves to be vibrant and contribute their talents and abilities, we... Read More

We’re killing off our Pacific salmon population at an alarming rate and the situation is getting worse. This year there will probably be no salmon fishing season. If we keep going the way we’re going, I predict that the Pacific salmon will be completely extinct within our lifetimes, maybe sooner. We have to do everything we can to save this beautiful fish.

Salmon live most of their lives in the ocean but they are born and die in rivers and streams. Many West Coast rivers and streams have been seriously damaged by development. Dams block access to freshwater spawning habitat.... Read More

When Oklahoma ’s State Representative Sally Kern was recently recorded while making several statements like, "Gay's are worst than terrorists," to a private assembly of fifty conservative republicans speaking about her views of the Gay community, she created a public outcry.

If Sally Kern studied World History, then she would have known her actions are very similar to what Hitler did when he created the Nazi Party. According to the international 2007 Hate Crime Survey by the Human Rights First organization, "Bias crimes motivated by sexual orientation, like those motivated by... Read More

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