Thursday, February 21, 2019

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While standing in line at the supermarket, one cannot help but notice the rows and rows of tabloids and celebrity photographs staring back at you. If you want to buy the New York Times, or any real, credible newspaper, you actually have to go out of your way to find it. When the tabloid monopoly fills the grocery store isles due to demand, out selling quality newspapers, it causes me to stop and analyze our priorities as a society. The public demand for tabloid news proves that regardless of the size of a city or town, or the people in it, gossip is like a deadly virus without a cure. Unfortunately,... Read More

The human heart can survive many things but when someone we love and trust betrays us, it can painfully shake the very foundation of our faith in humanity. Sometimes it can cause us to loose our sense of self, we may spiral into a deep depression or even become withdrawn from others and possibly suicidal. Working as a life coach, I am often amazed at the stories I am told of how careless people can be with their relationships and another persons heart.

Gabriel and Dean had been friends since childhood, for eighteen years they attended the same schools, were in many of the same classes,... Read More

January of 2010 when you go to your favorite hamburger joint, go ahead and place an order. Ten minutes later, a plate will arrive with a giant angus hamburger on a toasted bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato with a side order of piping hot fries. Nothing will seem or taste out of the ordinary. On the way home, make a pit stop at your local grocery store; the produce, poultry, dairy and vitamins will all look the same. However, unless these foods are locally grown or manufactured in the United States the foods you consume will be void of all vitamins and nutrients due to CODEX Alimentarius, also... Read More

Riding on a subway in NYC reminds me of being inside a giant tin can, sometimes when you step onto the train you never know what suprises might await you inside. Today, it happened to be a man (homeless) who captured my curiosity as he wandered onto the other end of the train. He was about 6 feet tall, in his late fifties and was wearing a wrinkle free black t-shirt, a pair of pressed blue jeans and faded black work boots. The thing that struck me about him was although he looked tired he was very polite and well mannered (gentlemen are a rare breed in this city) and he looked well groomed... Read More

Although it is not the first case of its kind, it is now the longest in California history, exceeding the record previously held only by the now notorious McMartin Preschool case from the eighties. Parallels abound: beginning with the fact that in both cases the accuser is the son of a clinically diagnosed mentally ill woman and comes from a family all too often under the watchful eye of CPS. Also, in both cases, an arrest was made based upon an accusation alone- without evidence to prove a crime had occurred at all.

Most disturbingly, however, is the similarity between the prosecution... Read More

For at least the sixth time, Prosecutor Lori Frugoli refused to give closing arguments, in what has turned into the longest and perhaps costliest preliminary hearing in California history. In April of 2008, in an effort to reign in the prosecution, Judge Faye D’Opal finally denied the prosecutor’s request for even more time, and did not allow her to file any new motions. After twenty-two months of granting Frugoli endless opportunities to gather together a case, the judge announced, “It is time to put this matter to rest.” The judge then scheduled closing arguments for May 29th and instructed... Read More

Here are some of the things I learnt in China, from Translators who work as Translators translating Chinese into English.

You can see some of their published Public efforts on "Lost with Translation" Forum at ActiveEnglishSpeaking...AES

Don't crack a joke. Its taken seriously and you end up with an hurt person who feels they have lost face because you laughed. eg 'Oh!!! You really are being silly...' is taken to mean, 'you are silly' Don't try to correct their English. Because they translated it, it has to be correct. Don't try and explain a joke. You get into more hot water... Read More

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