Monday, February 18, 2019

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One year after first launching his campaign, Mitt Romney will make history when he secures his place as the first major-party Mormon presidential nominee of the United States at his party's August National Convention.

This will happen unless Ron Paul pulls off an upset in Texas today. Without an upset Romney will cross the 1,144 delegate mark required to wrap up the Republican nomination. "After a year of criticism that he didn’t have the strength or shrewdness to take on President Obama, Romney has emerged from the bruising primary as a formidable adversary. With the race firmly... Read More

Some Democratic leaders may have doubts about President Obama's continuous attacks on Bain Capital however the majority want him to keep it up.

Romney "wanted to have this conversation," Pennsylvania's Democratic chairman told the Washington Post. "We’re going to have it.

In what appears to be "riding the wave" of the 1%, who have created more wealth in the U.S. than the 99% combined, there should be no hesitation or equivocation.

Democratic colleagues from Nevada, Ohio, & New Hampshire say voters' anger centers on Wall Street, which could be this election's "bogeyman"—and... Read More

On Memorial Day, the President has asked all Americans to take a moment of silence at 12:01 p.m. and remember our fallen heroes who died while protecting our nation.

If you find yourself at a loss as to whom you should be saying a silent prayer for, perhaps the list below will give you some ideas.

REMEMBER Casmir Pulaski, a Polish immigrant who came to the New World in 1771 at the behest of Benjamin Franklin. Pulaski was a renowned cavalryman who fought against the Russians in his home country before coming to America to offer his services in the cause of freedom.

In 1777,... Read More

We have all seen the news stories of horrific shootings in schools that take the lives of so many innocents. We are inundated with video from the scenes of mass murder perpetrated by those who have become judge, jury and executioner at former places of employment. Insane people randomly firing into crowds attract the attention of the media like moths to a flame, and the shooting of an unarmed teenager in Florida becomes the story that is played over and over again, as though it was the only incident of import that had happened during the news cycle.

None of us can begin to fathom the... Read More

With one click of a computer’s mouse, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became one of the richest people in the world, if not in history when the company he founded became public last week. And as most know, Facebook was created among the confines of a Harvard dorm room utilizing nothing more but an ingenious idea, entrepreneurial drive to succeed, and discovery of a golden niche revealing the thirsty desire people have to connect and share their lives with others. The young Grandfather of social media is definitely the wonder boy of new-age business, probably carrying both the admiration and... Read More

Attempting to deliver a final crushing blow to government help for the poor, the 2012 Republican Party voted in favor of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's Budget plan. Touting it as the most efficient way to bring down the deficit, these followers of fiction writer Ayn Rand would have the nation believe that cutting off all help for those with the least, and giving that money to the richest fat cats in the country, will somehow deliver us from the depression that was started by these very same hucksters.

Propaganda channels like Fox News tell their listeners that this is the most courageous... Read More

With the 2012 primary season all said and done save for the nominations at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, we in the U.S. are now faced with having to choose between President Barak Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the highest office in the land. So much is at stake in this election, that a careful review of both men, and what they stand for, should be considered by all voters with the utmost gravity. Starting with Romney, let's have a look at the record, their past history, and where they will most likely lead us.

The Apple That Fell Far From The... Read More

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