Friday, February 15, 2019

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Nothing is perfect and eternal in this world that is getting generated out of thoughts of human brain, except the God’s creation. But even that God’s creation is getting effected by certain thoughts and deeds of humans - right from the scientific inventions to make the life comfortable to the every day technology that is in our daily usage. Nothing remained perfect, eternal and trouble-free.

Similarly the Laws that are intended to regulate and control our every day life and behavour are also no exemption from imperfection and even more dangerously the Laws themselves are contributing... Read More

- the confused little island, as seen from space -

In an interview with radio 4’s Today programme, Peter Robinson, the First minister (of Northern Ireland) once described a state of ‘religious apartheid’ in schools in Northern Ireland. He went on to say that, “we bring children up in different schools and then we scratch our heads when there’s division in society.” This division is so glaringly obvious and serves as another example of why Ireland is the most confused little island on the planet.From the ages of four and five, catholic children go to catholic schools and have catholic... Read More

If BMWs, Dunkin' Donuts, Subway and Allstate Insurance are your brands of choice then you might be a Republican. If you'd rather drive a Jeep, get a fix from Starbucks, or "drive-thru" Wendy's then you may more likely be a Democrat, concludes a recent study.

Tracking 4,000 people, researchers watched for "buyer' reactions to various brands and found an "ailse" exists between left and right, reports ABC News. Spokesman for BMW and Starbucks, however, said that "said their customer's political persuasions are not a factor when deciding how best to advertise to them."

The researchers... Read More

By Ravo

The statement, “I created 'x' number of jobs”, or the more arrogant statement, “My extensive business experience makes me better suited to manage the economy and get everyone back to work” are complete crocks of crap. With five months to go before the U.S. Presidential election, it is important to detect all of the lies and distortions that issue from the mouths of candidates for high office, with a view toward electing the least dishonest of them.

The fact is, no one creates jobs, although a single person in high office can destroy them.

Jobs are created as a result of economic... Read More

Nobody knows how and when Love generates. Love may suddenly turn inimical even between two great lovers for silly misunderstandings and two great enemies may also suddenly become great Lovers at some point of time even for small emotional reasons. This is the case in U.S-Pak and Indo-U.S., relations. Once upon a time Pakistan was dear to America and now a days it is Indian aunty is becoming dearest to Sam Uncle. American Uncle is applying more and more oil now a days to Indian aunty and combing her smartly to please and lure her for participation in its regional strategic ambitions. This has... Read More

Overhearing Through My Walls::::Rachel Maddow was on in another Room::::and there was a Mention of a 'Sin':::a Political One:::and a Decade from now--a CHILD from a Mr Edwards is going to Wonder::::::Am EYE a Mistake?--Am EYE a Sin?--Did Daddy NOT Want Me--and My Message 2 YOU--is That you are a LOVE-CHILD--Now Mr Edwards went through a Lengthy Apology--4 his supposed sin--some 'John' or 'Jon' is his first name--and eye want to say Mr Edwards: You did the RIGHT thing--You took care of The Woman that you got pregnant--you didn't Abandon Her--the way Mr Robert Kennedy abandoned MARY--you didn't... Read More

The results from the Texas primary are in and they have Romney over the 1,144 delegate milestone. This makes Romney the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America. He will now unite the Republican party in the fight to win back control of the White House. Republicans won't however officially nominate Romney until late August at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Tonight Romney tweeted “Thank You.” This was "a triumph of endurance for a candidate who fought hard to win over skeptical conservative voters [and who] must now fire up for the... Read More

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