Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Now people mention syphilis, mostly with a fear of psychology.However,syphilis is one of disease of STD testing singapore .People all know the mode of transmission of syphilis is varied. The disease is very big.If people early syphilis were not found, or delay, after the result will be a whole body many organ lesions.So introduce common care measures of syphilis to you.

Syphilis patients should pay attention to some details in life, to avoid the disease to others.Especially early syphilis, have stronger infectivity.Such... Read More


I was lying in bed last night thinking. The 'promised land.'

The promised land? Can anyone living there under that pretense as i type...fill in the blanks?

You good honest trustworthy non cheating faithful to your faith "do unto others before they have a chance to do you!" people. Both of you and more importantly the world, are our front pages of media rot (sic) headlines the precursor to what we have become, or more importantly, should we even succumb, to the daily trash of despotism gone a muck 'cept the birth of a royal baby to enlighten heighten... Read More

Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake left an estimate of 250,000 residences either destroyed or severely damaged, this in an already impoverished country.

In 2013, just as Haiti was beginning to find a gradual path toward recovery and reconstruction, the Chikungunya virus, a mosquito-borne virus that is endemic to Thailand and that had been advancing westward at a quick pace since 2009, arrived in Haiti.

At the moment, the Chikungunya infection has no specific treatment or vaccine. Instead, general medication, as well as rest and fluids, are used to reduce the infection’s... Read More

If you want to send your children to study abroad, you can consider picking an private institutions in Singapore. When looking for quality schooling, considering quality in education, services as well as infrastructure is an important step that most people need to do. There are many schools that are willing to provide the best in the field of education. They make an effort to develop the child in a holistic manner. Most parents prefer to need the same basic things for their children. It is the best place that make the children feel safe, happy, and have friends, do the right thing.

It... Read More

Earlier this year, around 20,000 garment workers in Cambodia staged a protest demanding a bonus of $50 and threatening walkouts for over three months. The labor unrest began to intensify when the laborers in about 30 factories demanded bonuses. This was proposed by the union as frequent strikes adversely affected the garment industry. They were also fighting for a wage hike. Though the country’s Ministry of Labor had already approved the monthly wages to $95, workers were asking for $160. According to labor research, this is the minimum ‘living wage’ in Cambodia.

Prominent place

... Read More

Every time I listen to the radio and hear the announcement “gas prices at the pump are expected to go up by 5 cents a litre tonight,” I wonder if the oil companies are signalling each other to raise prices. How is it that when crude prices drop, prices at the pump often go in the reverse direction? How come all the refineries decide to do their maintenance at the same time and take dollops of capacity off the market to drive up prices? Higher pay for no work works here! How come the price controls that once existed for oil and gas and gave us some stability, have now been removed, and this... Read More

The President-elect of the Iranian Resistance called upon the West to " stop the policy of appeasement and offering concessions to the regime” and addressing them directly said, “Do not close your eyes on the regime's crimes against Iranian people, and do not look the other way regarding the role of this regime in the genocide in Syria, the deadly invasion of Iraq, and meddling in the affairs of other countries in the region."

Representatives of some 50 Iranian youth associations took part in the gathering on Saturday.

The representatives of Iranian youth associations underscored... Read More

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Going far & deep, military operations on a continental...

I believe that someday all military operations will be reduced and we will be able to make agreements using international negotiations. War never changes things to better, never!

Is Military Operation Jade Helm Committing Treason In USA

yep...some butt heads still think the Marlboro man's horse's breath he inhaled inadvertantly caused the wanker's death...though it doesn't seem to have stopped the die hards who die hard and in the firm belief second hand smoking and secondhand countries...

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