Friday, February 22, 2019

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While these laws advocate the success and survival of human tranquilities, in all reasonable legalities it like many other case laws carries with it burdensome baggage, those of conflict and debate. In my search for legal comprehension I have recognized one such fact of debate that while the government has chosen to esteem itself over international laws by implementing preemptive strikes (declaring war on a country suspected of planning a war against this country) on other countries around the world (stating that it is self defense to do so) and has simultaneously prohibited the concept of... Read More

Five years before Hezbollah, ten years before Al Qaeda and Hamas, and 15 years before the Taliban, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was founded in the northern tip of Sri Lanka in 1976.

Although never garnering the same level of international publicity as the various Islamic extremist groups, the LTTE was arguably one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world during its nearly 30-year-long conflict with the Sri Lankan government. Indeed, the LTTE pioneered tactics that have since been adopted by the Taliban and Al Qaeda, such as equipping suicide bombers with... Read More

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Going far & deep, military operations on a continental...

I believe that someday all military operations will be reduced and we will be able to make agreements using international negotiations. War never changes things to better, never!

Is Military Operation Jade Helm Committing Treason In USA

yep...some butt heads still think the Marlboro man's horse's breath he inhaled inadvertantly caused the wanker's death...though it doesn't seem to have stopped the die hards who die hard and in the firm belief second hand smoking and secondhand countries...

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