Saturday, February 16, 2019

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The United States offers an ocean of opportunities for athletes and entertainers of the foreign countries to make the most of their talents. The US immigration services provide a special but temporary employment visa for internationally recognized athletes, entertainers, and artists. This particular category of visa is known as the ‘P’ visa.

The P visa is categorized into two types: P-1A visa and P-1B visa. While the P-1A visa is reserved for highly talented athletes, the P-1B visa is applicable for the world-renowned entertainment groups. If you are a member of an entertainment group... Read More

The presidential elections are having quite a drastic impact on the NFL, and not in a positive way. While one portion of the locker room continues to celebrate Trump's victory, the other half is still heartbroken by Hilary's loss. Whatever your opinion on the issue might be, there is very little talk about NFL betting and analysis going on.

The racial divide in the NFL has never been greater than it is today, and Trump's victory just might make things worse. Numerous NFL players were quick to express themselves on the results, with outbursts becoming a fairly common occurrence.... Read More

This is because both candidates – Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump – are on opposing viewpoints when it comes to their respective immigration policies. It is not only a hot topic, but also a very important one, since there is a high likelihood that the election winner will be determined by the so-called “migrant vote,” which is composed of millions of immigrants of Hispanic and Asian descent. The next president of the United States can determine what US immigration will look like in 2017 and even beyond.

Clinton has been very vocal and supportive... Read More

Police has drawn a different picture of Keith as a criminal who had been in the prison of Texas for several years, but his family members had said that he was innocent and did not have any criminal charges. The Family has watched the deadly shooting video of Keith in which it is clear that he is innocent and when relatives asked the police to show it in public, the city police chef just refused. Even the relatives had said that Keith was not carrying any gun with him, instead he was carrying a book in his hands. This incident spread like a fire in the mind of crowd.

After this incident,... Read More

When Donald Trump first announced his desire to run for the Republican presidential candidacy, very few people took his political ambitions seriously. Few political commentators thought Trump would garnish enough support to make his campaign credible, either from the Republican party itself or from the American electorate. Fast forward to the last quarter of 2016, and Donald Trump is officially the Republican candidate, where his is pitted against Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton.

Ever since the start of his campaign for Presidency, Trump has promoted a xenophobic immigration policy,... Read More

Sifting through 20 thousand Democratic National Committee's letters, released by WikiLeaks, is virtually impossible for only 4 days. But all that is currently sorted out and being actively discussed shows us how the archive is incomplete. However, the cleaning was carried out not on the principle "To reserve only the most scandalous facts'. On the contrary, they tried to give a façade of the internal workings of Democrats and not to hurt Clinton properly. Information concerning Sanders is uncut. But all the dirty laundry of the winner is something like lingerie. Once some potentially interesting... Read More

It’s been one year after the legalization of marijuana in Oregon, and two years since Colorado and Washington legalized it.

The sky hasn’t fallen. The world hasn’t dissolved. The moral fabric of America isn’t unraveling. (Or maybe it is, but it’s certainly not due to marijuana legalization.) The kids aren’t smoking more pot and no one is overdosing on weed. In fact, studies have shown that marijuana use in teens has been falling, and there have been no recorded deaths due to an overdose of marijuana.

Legalization of pot seems like a foregone conclusion as more and more states... Read More

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