Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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The blogger in question, Michele Catalano, that some of you may remember from her blog, “A Small Victory,” which she wrote during the mid-2000s, was ensnared in an investigation yesterday. Well more than that. Police showed up at her front door to interrogate her and her husband.

Here is Catalano’s account of the experience, in which she theorizes that this had something to do with her family’s "Googling" habits:

"What happened was this: At about 9:00 am, my husband, who happened to be home yesterday, was sitting in the living... Read More

Where justice is denied,

Ignorance and enmity prevail.

Where one group is oppressed,

Every group must face travail.

Many yearn for peace

With a pure and sincere desire

But unless they also fight for justice

True peace has no chance to transpire.

When the presumptions of some

Degrade or malign any

People and their property are endangered,

Be they the few or the many.

Where a youth is wrongly suspected

Bigotry runs wild.

When a vigilante pulls the trigger,

He executes a child.

When... Read More

My daughter’s friend crashed his new sports car. He drove at night, and had three passengers with him – to violations of the Connecticut traffic law, as he is under eighteen. He also drove well over the speed limit. There is no doubt that he, and those in the car with him must be taught a lesson. But first they needed to be treated.

They were taken to ICU, three with private medical care, one without. The girl without, one of two daughters to a single mother, suffered the heaviest injuries. It was not for the doctors to teach them a lesson for their reckless behavior; the doctors’... Read More

Texas Republicans passed an abortion law late this evening with restrictions that are expected to result in the closure of almost ever abortion clinic in the state. The Republican-controlled Senate voted for the bill while protesters shouted from the gallery.

The Texas' special legislative session ended at midnight and Texas' Democrats fought most of the day to delay a final vote on the bill. Republicans cited rules to eventually force a vote on the bill

The bill bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and requires that all procedures take place in a surgical center. Doctors... Read More

Forget about the actual cost of waging war in Afghanistan while the US economy falters, the US government has plants to scrap approximately $7 billion worth of equipment because the cost of shipping it back to the States is more than the military equipment is worth.

The military equipment includes about 2,000 hulking MRAPs or mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles that cost $1 million each, reports the Washington Post. Instead of leaving the equipment there, the US will turn the excess equipmentinto scrap metal.

The natural question is why not leave it for the Afghan army?... Read More

Hey, wait, we have a new complaint: Trinity Youth Services

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Trinity Youth Services, is the latest agency to fall into disgrace. In the latest fiscal review, Auditor-Controller Wendy Watanabe noted, “…significant issues," and ominously, recommended a reevaluation of the need for the county to, “…continue doing business with Trinity.”

The Controllers report can be found here. here.

A summary of the fiscal audit noted almost $500,000 in unallowable costs. The break down includes, credit card and loan interest charges,... Read More

The nation is divided, but we need not be at odds with each least not to the disturbing extreme some seem to be taking the issues. Clearly there are differing opinions on a variety of issues facing our great nation. It gets murky when people start talking of officially dividing the nation...a step back in time, and start enacting violence upon their fellow citizens, even family! We have seen brother-against-brother before and it was as tragic then as it is now.

Everybody is never going to agree on every point of any candidate that runs for the highest office in the land.... Read More

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