Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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What is this secret blowing in the wind tonight?

Gently cutting it's unique course

On what plain will it alight?

Perhaps within my heart....

What is that dark shadow dancing on the horizon tonight?

Tracking. sliding, sleuthing, tumbling

Where will it find composure ?

Perhaps inside my essence....

What dream is this transposed?

Freely masquerading in pretense

Where will it land?

Perhaps inside my soul....

The universe trembles in a loud sigh

The lovers finding their emancipation

The child whimpers... Read More

I have killed many a thing ,small things,

Large things and things indeterminate.

In war,for country,for good reason and bad.

I have had many voices filled with acid and sour

Rain,filled in moonlight and in the darkness of the


I never went back home-home had gone missing long

Long ago and I was too tired to look;too tired to retrace

Steps covered by sand and lost in fog.

I wanted to have words but the age of friendless frontiers

And boundless boundaries were over some time ago.

I have rested in wet groves hiding... Read More

Found then a little dove cowering in the birth of new

A blade came near and scant to miss

only a hairs breath relinquishing bliss

Flying before her time with wind both a friend and foe

Thinking to see, her wings grow tired

Blind fear rushes in ne'er more inspired

A shy grasp at what becomes a mysterious fateful lore Trying but giving away the hidden life

Reduced to nothing and shut in by strife

Again the hungry clock stood its watch o'er gentle dove Only to alight were she would ne'er to fly

Wings fail to carry her to comforting sky

Talented... Read More

In appreciation I lift my head to gaze at the skylight

My eyes caressed by the radiant moonlight

Blessings as ephemeral clouds dance on the horizon

Slowly moving as if serenading my wanting heart

Lifting my arms to embrace these twinkling stars

Pressing them closely with the warmth of affection

Wrapped in this blanket of peace and serenity

I linger not wishing to leave this godly place

Created within my own loving heart

I call it my own through sweet surrender

Basking, secure in the harmony of benevolence

Knowing... Read More

The rituals of love confines to vows Falling on to the days we consigned Time fills with time so as the hearts Starvation raises the siren The fallen hopes script the obituary I retain the solemn pledges to relive To rise from the ashes to standby Starvation raises the siren Tonight I am broken so will cry The night in its fold holds me The comfort of the dark haunts me Starvation raises the siren The stormy dreams took her away I beg the storm to calm down I woke up and yell “Where you are” Starvation raises the siren By-Uttam Singh Gill

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With nothing on my tongue save

appetite and useless entreaty

boxed in admist the swirl of winds

demanding payment

I let fall my eyes-

lids spider veined and tired

holding on as best I could

to shaky tidings from unsure

voices that swelled within me

memory from a better time.

The sky was lined with grey and

the grey filled every crack and

stray space.

No amount of water could ever

wash away the rank lips that kissed,

the peeling flesh of putrid hands

that demanded succor and would... Read More

Lay here beside me

do not whisper or sigh

do not be afraid of the truths

locked away inside your head.

The night can be long and small

offering corrupted repasts dressed

in the opulence of joyless remorse.

Lay here beside me and recall

friends and family sent away happy

and well fed and full with the love you


It's late now and everyone is fucked up

on love-missing and crying and regretting.

I don't write you anymore but I do dream

of you-beside me,your breathing rocking

the darkness... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?