Friday, February 22, 2019

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You heard my prayers on bended knees

I wept spilling bloody tears of confusion

Did you not hear me?

Did you not see me?

Did you not care?


You never answered

You never showed yourself to me

You made no acknowledgement....

You simply turned your back and

quietly walked away....

Now I will find my own answers

Given from above with true intention

They lift me from this illusion

They make mine burden bearable.

Endured and tolerated is over-rated

It slowly rips your heart and... Read More

Satin moments play with time

Seconds become hours in jest

And I linger still

In your world

Velvet whispers in my vision

Night and day flash into one

And I linger still

In your dreams

Silken cords tie my passions

Constraints of minutes broken

And I linger still

In your lusts

First published in Opinions Of Eye

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I no longer walk with broken wings on my back

because I glued back every feather

and painted over the tears with pearl white potential

and sewed up every tare with silver lining,

I untangled my dress and unraveled the lies,

I cradled my heart in my hands as I sang the softest lullaby

then I patched up every hole and removed every horned arrow,

I felt the rays of hope as it freed depression from my pores

my face is no longer endless shadows

my heart is no longer pumping poison into my veins

no I no longer walk with broken... Read More

I know you can not hear me now

Although I am sure God does

And within this prayer are my wishes,

My blessings, that you find peace

Contentment birthed through

What is most sacred in life

The truth which lives inside your heart

May you smile more than you weep

But if you must suffer let it be

For the sincerity of your existence

May you dance more than you stumble

With wings which set you free

Arriving at a special bonding of benevolence

Carrying you to freedom and peace

As I offer these longings

... Read More

Soul Notes Of The Heart

There is no more untainted river of life

You swim through my thoughts

Carrying buckets full of honey and grace's substance

With each embrace you soothe my longing heart

You pour them over my thirsty wanting

Nourishing my hungry aspiration

In this valley of remembrance

Your fingertips linger in pure innocence

Baptizing my soul's purpose.

Gifting me with the playing of the stars shining luminance

Esoteric yearnings traveling through time and space

Arriving at our soul's abode

Your... Read More


There was a young woman named Morse,

Her code was to tap all resource.

She tapped out her heart

To a silly young Bart who couldn't decipher her course.

Now Bart had a bit of a stutter, but Morse she didn't much mutter,

Her message it read, "do you want to be wed or would you rather end up in the gutter?"

Bart tapped back a stuttered reply, "ff for your heart dd dear Morse i would die.

Bb but rather than tt tap cc can't we cut through the crap and converse on the Internet "hi!"

WELL! the reply Morse tapped came... Read More

So many moons ago

I wish to travel back in time

Finding a fork in the road

I now would take another path

Rewrite history and destiny which mocks

The fragile human in me longs for that unfulfilled dream

Then the rational mind tells me of this impossibility

Seesawing between what was and releasing it to travel

To a safer abode held in sacred trust and honesty....

It is our vulnerability that blesses us, yet

Encased in that uncertainty we stumble and fall

Struggling to find our footing, a path to serenity and knowledge

... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

Musings Of A Poet

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?