Friday, February 22, 2019

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I see me in you...I feel me in you....

My heart is too soft, I know I hurt myself...

I do not know how to NOT care

To Not Feel

What you feel...

I have asked God many times

WHY..and what do you want me to do

The answers come slowly,

Not always on my time table.

But yet they come,

So I listen longer, harder.

Opening my heart to go inside

This unknown vision

Waiting to be taught patience

With Your divine guidance.

I surrender my life to what is gifted

Beyond my knowing

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All give some either here or there

Whether on land, sea or in the air

The brave alone fight when the fight’s not fair.

Let us thank whatever gods may be

That he took flight so valiantly.

In Jordan’s defense and against horror and pain,

That ruthless zealotry is bringing back again.

He flew and fell. He was thrown in a cage.

Thus, fanatics provoked worldwide outrage

Now they must be eradicated from the world stage.

Zealots bargained falsely for his life.

In the face of hate and strife

He loved honor more than... Read More

“They kept me in a cage for too long because now every room I am standing in is just another cell.” - Reagan Butcher, Rusty String Quartet




We got together, I quickly knew

You were my lover and a thug too

Days went by and nights we do

Your criminal mentality showed straight through

Sirens coming now, the boys in blue

This was it, I'd serve time with you

Doors clicking on the inside and you knew

mind clicking on the outs, I'm serving time with you

You were spinning, calls not going through

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As I stand with kite in hand I cast my words into the wind With good intention I hold on Knowing also the fear of letting go

I know I am strong,

I know I have courage

To face the raging storm

Growing inside my distracted dismay

But not Today...

Today I will let my heart weep

Emptying and cleansing

Holding only what brings


All I have been given

Must be released

Without expectation

May the wind carry these words

To another lost soul to pick up

Holding them in their needful... Read More

Lately I have felt the sadness

In you.

I see it in your eyes

Taste it in your soul....

This fills my own heart with sorrow

Because, as much as I know I could help

You pull away, to escape to this lost place...

A place that feds your addiction

To what I know you are better than

I fear you are getting lost

Becoming what you are not.....

My prayers travel to you, although

You do not know

You do not see

You do not feel....

They rise above this vision of illusion

I know your struggle

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I consecrate this poem

to you my beloved

It is all I possess

and hold sacred in my heart...

I consecrate it's rhythm,

pulse, symmetry and soul

To you to hold and cherish

when I am away or simply gone....

Material possessions

are endless

Bought and sold within a moment

Squandered and consumed....

This poem given birth within

moments of remembrance

Crafted forever through time

Found accidentally in an old book....

I consecrate this poem to you

My only gift to give

Written... Read More

Stagnate or expanding?

Destroying or creating?

Acquiring through sharpened thoughts

Exposing one's own wounds....


with the transparent softness of compassion

Helping to heal the wounds of another....

To embrace the shell of yesterday?

Or slow dance into the puzzle of now....?

We make this choice

Everyday, every moment

Although we often forget

That it is




The choice between

Stagnate or expanding

Destroying or creating

Life and Death.....

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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