Friday, February 15, 2019

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Sometimes I call you daddy

Whenever I need to be treated like a child

Sometimes I call you Oh my Father

When I have done some mistake

Sometimes I call you Dear Dad

Whenever I am in need of help

And Sometimes I call you Hey Pops!!

Whenever I need a friend to share the good times

In all your different names, you still remain the same

Loving, caring and supporting.

Happy father’s day

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To my most significant other, my forever treasured Lancelot Knight.

You were always meant to be my soul-mate, my husband, and my friend.

Surely you know that you’ve always been my every sleeping and waking fantasy.

And truth be told, I dreamed about you before I ever knew you.

Surely, without you, I would have never braved to continue onward,

No, never, not without you!

Together we’ve faced the world, fearless and inseparable,

Together, steady, we’ve walked forth; arm in arm and cheek to cheek.

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Can you lay beside me

Holding my shaking essence

In your giving arms?...

I have breathed in too much bitterness

Seen, felt, burning anger and hurt

Questioned why this is....

I am frightened, wondering

What I might exhale

Into this unknown emptiness ....

Let the silence embrace us

And maybe we can hear

What is cloaked in the shadows....

My heart cries out

To be heard and understood

By someone besides myself....

Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald

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I have grown weary of the shallowness of life

Feeling instead on such a deep level, that I question

Does anyone else inhale LIFE

Searching always for a higher place

A place blessed by empathy and compassion

Relinquishing bitterness and judgement

Instead, embracing another 's imperfect humanity

Holding them with understanding and forgiveness.

I exist in my own self-created world

Given birth to with many tears and joys

In equal measure, this has been my life

Lessons bestowed through fire and grace.

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Please be quiet

and listen to the words

I can not say out loud....

Feel the emotions which I hide

inside my numbed heart

A wall of protection...

Leave your opinions

to your perfect self

As I will never be perfection...

Any words I had are

buried now inside

My shattered heart....

Time is slowly covering

the scars of bitterness

Which fell from your lips...

Each day I return

breathing in grace

Redemption bestowed...

I have been haunted

by things you will never fathom

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I don't know why I always try

I don't know why I give my all

and I don't know why I take chances

when all hope ends with good-bye

inspires me to rebuild my wall

and realize I'm immune to devoted romances

all that starts good always end bad

this just makes me so sad

I've tried to hard to contain my feelings

step out of myself and scrape up my peelings

and they never have me; my way

convinced with the words they say

no, no por favor

no me digas que me has amado

hasta el fin, el fin del mundo

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Our lives are echoes of familiar places in time

Held tightly in our memories and captured in our hearts

All of our desires and longings played over and over

In different places and other bodies

Bringing with them the shining sun

The stars to sparkle in it's heavenly light....

The angels bending low to hear our sighs of wonder

Our weeping in anguish, tears of unknown descent

Perhaps the lost dreams playing, wetting our cheeks

While giving hope to others.

The birth of possibilities beyond

Any earthly limitations....

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?