Saturday, February 16, 2019

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At the pharmacyI dropped off my antidepressant-anxiety prescription at the Walmart pharmacy five minutes ago, and the grumpy woman I gave the script to said that they required an hour to fill it. What the hell? “An hour,” I said. “Yes, an hour."Couldn’t she tell that I was on the brink of something ominous and awful? I needed those meds to prevent it.

On the benchI sit down on this wire bench, directly in front of the pharmacists, to meditate upon the nature of my miserable life. Waiting is an inconvenience that my schedule could not tolerate. I have a blog to write after all.Life can... Read More

Self expression usually motivates our writing, even the title. However, expression provides only one motivation. We also pay special attention to our titles because of readers, Bing, and Google. One of our goals is to gain traffic, and both readers and bots first scan the title to determine whether to read on. The title represents the potential to grab or lose our audience.Titles are important to me. As an English professor for the past 12 years, I have encountered 10,000 plus college level essays. Consider the number of pages that represents, most coming from reluctant writers. I nearly vomit... Read More

Writing blog articles, e-books, white papers, and even emails take a considerable amount of time and effort. Working through this blog entry, I am employing various tools that make my life easier, and I find that each app I have discovered empowers me as a writer, making the time I spend efficient and my stress managed.Many inexpensive and free computer apps are designed with writers in mind, but putting together the ultimate collection might feel daunting. Although I use a MacBook Pro, many apps have PC versions as well. Below, I share the tools, links, and descriptions, and if you feel technology-savy... Read More

Although the question of whether the internet affects our brains did not originate with Nicholas Carr, his July 2008 article in The Atlantic Monthly titled "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"certainly brought the issue into the mainstream media. He contends that Internet use in general, not just Google, changes the brain. The statement is obvious, as all things we experience, especially those over an extended period of time, change or brains, neural pathways, and cognition. However, what agitated people was his assertion that extensive use of the web makes us think in a less complex, in-depth manner.Carr... Read More

When I bought my Playstation 3 back in 2008, and it had some connectivity with the Playstation Portable, which came out about three years prior, I remember asking my friends if they can imagine if Sony came out with a portable gaming device that had the graphics and capabilities of the PS3.

Four years later, the wait finally came to an end as Sony released their Playstation Vita today.

Some people were lucky to get their hands on Sony's next-generation handheld a week early by ordering the First Edition bundle, and some even ordered ithe Japanese model that was released late last... Read More

I am a massive fan of Apple. I am writing on my Apple MacBook Pro and am connected to the web via Internet tethering on my iPhone. Apple seem to have a knack for inventing things that you never knew you needed until they showed them to you. A few years ago who could have predicted that one of their products, the iPod, would become so popular that entire waves of entertainment media would be created in the form of podcasts, a word which has found its way into everyday vocabulary as easily as googling?

With all of this in mind you may understand that I was more than a little bit excited... Read More

I pick the new Apple iPad, not because of what it does but how it does it. The iPad does everything an iphone does and most of what a laptop does. This thing is more than a “gadget”. It is a new way to “flow” with your technology. I have a good friend that first introduced me to the “flow of technology”. What I learned is that good technology gets out of the way of that flow, like the first mp3 players. Great technology enhances that “flow” and allows you to customize it to fit your needs, like the first iPhone. Apple has lead in technology “flow” devices and software for years now,... Read More

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