Friday, February 22, 2019

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“Desh aage barh raha hai” (the country is marching ahead), this is what Prime Minister Modi has been saying at various fora. Many would not agree with what he says. They would be right as in many areas of governmental activities not much change is perceptible. In fact, they have got worse. We would seem to be stagnating and the newspapers in the mornings are a great put-off. There is so much of negativity. Stalled parliament, rowdy legislators, crime, corruption, failures of public agencies, illegal exploitation of natural resources, atrocities on dalits, skyrocketting prices of everyday essentials... Read More

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy

You may have seen some buzz online around an apparently new type of medical treatment known as PEMF, magnetic therapy, or electromagnetic therapy. This increase in interest has been spawned by the documented success rates of alleged faster healing after medical surgeries, bone and tissue recovery, and even transcranial stimulation that appears to help with depression and bipolar or mood disorders. (More on the documented uses of PEMF later in this article)

PEMF therapy has actually been regulated for use in North America since the 70's starting... Read More

Virtual reality is such a thing that can even make you feel, as if, you are flying in air but before we know that, we need to know how the environment of virtual reality is created and how you feel in that environment. Virtual Reality is a kind of experience which is something very close to the experience you get while watching a 3d movie. But actually it it even more exciting than a 3d movie. While you are watching a 3d movie, you see certain things in the movie suddenly coming very close to you but for few moments only. Also, you feel this in just front of you but not in other directions... Read More

You can use the caller’s phone number to find his/her name, as well as her/his address. At times, you may need to go a bit further and establish the person’s background in terms of criminal history, public record history, credit history, or tenancy history. While there are numerous reasons why anyone might have a phone number and needs to identify a certain individual or company, most of the reasons why people need a reverse call look up service will fall under four categories.

Nuisance Calls and Stalkers

Forbes claims that one of the major reasons why a reverse call lookup service... Read More

iTunes, as one of the largest media stores in the world, has a great collection of TV shows, movies and music. The large amount of HD videos and popular songs attracts people to buy from iTunes. To gain more business, Apple is now launching two kinds of special campaign, "Free TV Episodes" to offer some TV episodes for free and "Movie of the Week" to rent iTunes movie with $0.99. Here, Let us follow the below steps to find and download the free TV episodes and rent iTunes movie with $0.99.

Part 1: How to Download Free TV Episodes from iTunes?

1. Download the latest version of iTunes,... Read More

PC games always receive thumbs up, even before their release. Even a number of the heaviest discounts making certain you get the foremost for your cash. With digital libraries that stretch back decades, laptop home owners additionally fancy a variety of titles unmatched by the other platform.

Let us see a few trending games on PC these days-

1-World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor- It is Massive Multiplayer on-line Role-Playing. Ten years when it had been 1st launched, World of Warcraft lumbers on with its fifth enlargement pack, Warlords of Draenor. Adventurers travel through... Read More


Whatsapp today, is the most popular medium of chatting with your friends and family. Everyone, who uses a Smartphone of any platform (Android, Blackberry, Windows, Apple iOS etc), definitely uses Whatsapp messenger application. But you would never want to pick up your handset again and again for reading and replying to messages of your friends on Whatsapp. For that, you wish to have Whatsapp on your PC or laptop itself. Now this no more is your problem. Now you can use your favourite and most popular messenger application of your PC or laptop as well.

Here we are going... Read More

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How to Download and Install Whatsapp on PC/Laptop

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Top 5 Trending Games for PC

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How to Download and Install Whatsapp on PC/Laptop

Thanks for that little tutorial about how to use and install watsapp on cuputer, didnt even know it was possible.