Friday, February 22, 2019

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Television can be very entertaining, fun…and sometimes even educational. Much of the time though it’s just a tool to push the latest in propaganda and although it may not seem like it, some of those thirty second advertisements are downright dangerous. Let me clarify that last statement…they’re dangerous if you don’t pay attention to the information stream creeping into your brain.

I haven’t researched the statistics about how many people pay attention to commercials, what time of day the most attention is paid, or how many people, overall, are influenced by them. I do know that tons... Read More

Every so often I examine some innocuous event in my life and am often rewarded with greater wisdom and insight, not only into myself, but in the world in which I live. Although I describe the recent event I’m about to discuss as “innocuous,” at the time it was very much perceived differently by mostly all that bore witness.

While driving along here in Massachusetts, a loud pickup truck passed by with a rebel flag decal on the back window. I was returning from food shopping with some family and, being Americans of primarily African descent, the reaction to the flag decal was…interesting.

... Read More

The fact that I had to write a “Part 3” to this topic is extremely disheartening. I have always known, and spoke about, an element that exists within the police departments of America that has eroded trust and garnered fear when dealing with the public. To say the police are out of control is becoming an understatement. They seem to be operating by an entirely different set of standards, sanctioned by the powers that be, to enforce their will…regardless of the law.

The narrative now is that they care nothing for the lives of young Black men. The truth is even worse…they care nothing... Read More

2014 was unarguably a year of many different catastrophes, misunderstandings and human atrocities. The age old conflict between Israel and Palestine has claimed many more lives and the unspeakable acts of terror and mass murder carried out by ISIL in Syria and Iraq seem to have paralysed the global community.

It’s not just wars that have startled the world, but also a great deal of political disputes like the one we’ve seen between the Ukraine and Russia and later between the “West” and the “East”.

“It’s like the cold war all over again and I’m extremely uncomfortable with this... Read More


Always beats me how writers and people who comment on writing: the 'self induced' painful trek they've had to scrabble to get some sort of reluctant acknowledgement of their endeavors, the climbmationary ascent effortory to reach the "unreachable" (their spiel) cliff of authorismitical verboseness they've had to endure in order to scratch out a rocky word strewn pitiless living. The sleepless nights...the "oh my god awful" REJECTION!

Bulldust! If it's that hard why do you literally belt your heads to death in the pursuit of and up against... Read More

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Caught a video by a while ago on her blog, I always ask myself, if Jesus was to come back to Earth, would we kill him AGAIN? It is in our nature to kill, be evil, and hate. I can back my claim up 100%, JFK, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Martin Luther King and more is the truth about us as a species, these men, and there were Woman and many more, I know, came and tried to do good, make change, inject love through their ways and means. Yeah we witness remarkable acts of individual kindness, I have seen it, and so... Read More

Along with most of you I watched True Detective from begining to end and I began to think about Cable as a medium and

not just a deliverer of content. It struck me as I basked in the glow of HBO’S current success just how badly Cable News

has failed on its promise to deliver news in a manner that the Networks could not.

As a news provider,cable has become a carny charnel house filled too often with predictable hacks,talking points masquerading as both policy and debate and the continuing bastardization of information. In fact Cable and Cable News proper has,done more to... Read More

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Very emotional post, in fact. Personally I don't understand why so many students brings guns, knives to schools. Sometimes they squander study time because they don't like teachers, can't find a common language with them or afraid of some college assignments...

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