Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Hello again my fine healthy friends. So! you are feeling fine? Damn! As your local cut price funeral director i suppose in a way you people who are alive, well; to put it bluntly, despise me because no-one wants to be told that one day they won't be around elevated atop on this minutely oblong, out of round coil, to participate in mankind's machinations of endeavor. Which to me from where i'm digging, represents at present, millions, perhaps billions, of little social media loving ants strewn far and wry across this God- created paradise... Read More


Before i say anything much, all you parents and doyens of "i have to give my child/children the most super 'private' school education i can possibly afford which i really in all truth CAN'T afford," a comprehensive full- on study in Australia has deliberated and announced that there is no discernible difference/proof, a 'private' education has over and above a more common (thought as such by some people with slightly upturned noses) public school education.

Maybe the survey was carried out by 'public' school persons?:>) Sometimes,... Read More

AD HOC BULL. riginal.

Before i begin a bit of irrelevant irrelevance i would like to severely admonish as usual the dingbats that or who continue unabated to diminish genuine posts by flogging unwanted cameras and the likes. For example, on a lady's site who has a deep religious belief and a lady poet who has no interest in gym mats, vinyl bags,writer services, or reptile watches. She too being closer to God than i'll ever get. Yes, the God of flog by sheer virtue of ignorance personified- like evil itself- is entrenched. Rather like a rotting carcass weary writers genuine are sick of... Read More

Although the idea of an attic with dusty antique toys, books, and creepy cobwebs may sound delightful, in reality, it's not so great. Though it's nice to have extra space to store stuff, do you really need all that old junk? Why not integrate some new space into your home using your attic by converting it to a loft? You then have a super cool extra room.

Converting your attic can provide you with a new home office, an extra room, or even a guest bedroom. The choice is yours. Peter Dale from London Kitchen Extensions says it's way more cost effective than building an extension and you... Read More


India, population 1.2 billion...let's leave out the band/s of raping scum. For all things sacred to the victims why should these sexual terrorists be regarded as or even acknowledged as population? Rabid gutless dogs of misfortune? "We don't understand what we did wrong" looks on two young rapists as they stare bewildered at the media in the ABC report pertaining also to the film banned. Made recently about this subject by a courageous film maker. I'm not going to go into a long holier than thou facts and figures of this scourge as evidenced... Read More

School budgets are a nightmare and it is difficult to raise money to help educate your child. Below are some useful and unique ideas but if you need more ideas to help your local community, search online to find more great fundraising ideas for your club or society because the possibilities are endless!

Bake Sale: This is a classic fundraising idea that will always produce a great profit.

School Carnivals: These are an exciting and unique way for a school to raise money. Your school can organize games and food stands to raise money for other school events. Volunteers will be your... Read More

Many of us know what a bed is; it is a piece of furniture that we sleep on that is sometimes used for reclining purposes. But did you know that, in the past, many cultures considered it to be a status symbol as well as the most important piece of furniture in their homes?

For example, in ancient Egypt, not only was the bed a place to sleep, it was also used to entertain guests socially as well as a place to dine and enjoy meals.

Are you interested in learning more about the evolution of the bed?

Keep reading for a brief history of this seemingly boring piece of furniture.

... Read More

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Very emotional post, in fact. Personally I don't understand why so many students brings guns, knives to schools. Sometimes they squander study time because they don't like teachers, can't find a common language with them or afraid of some college assignments...

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