Friday, February 22, 2019

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Hollywood is famed for having all sorts of eccentric types and though some are loved, many people find it hard to work with others. Here are 5 of the actors people in Hollywood supposedly find hard to work with.

Lindsay Lohan

While Lindsay Lohan has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years, she has been very difficult to work with in the past. When she guest-starred on the FX show "Anger Management," she allegedly delayed the production. One source at E! News said that she would repeatedly stall for time, hiding out in her trailer instead of shooting her scenes. They also... Read More

For film editors, the mark of greatness means that their work goes unnoticed-- that their cuts remain virtually invisible so as to let the story unfold seamlessly before our eyes. While editing is arguably one of the most challenging and story defining aspects of a film production, it is actually quite rare for an editor to earn praise and attention for their work, it means that whoever is judging sees leagues beyond the structured sequence of events within the film’s story. To judge an editor’s work one must examine the way each shot choice has helped to create palpable emotion, how each scene... Read More

Veteran actor Anthony Warren has been making an indelible impression on stage and screen audiences for two decades. In his roles on television and in film and theater, he has displayed an unrivaled ability to embody a vast array of characters. Most impressively, he does so with such authenticity and dedication that his roles invariably take on a life of their own and become flesh and blood in their own right.

A worldly man with a gift for performance, Warren’s rich multicultural heritage is a big part of the reason he is such a versatile actor. His parents, originally from Jamaica, moved... Read More

With so much competition, it takes a lot to stand out as an actor or actress. Diana Matlak knows that well. But she has an edge — her combination of suave sophistication, inimitable charm and extensive experience, together with a natural gift for performance. An actress as skilled as Matlak is truly rare, a fact which has not escaped the attention of casting directors and filmmakers. Finding the “perfect fit” for a role can determine a film’s success, which is why Diana Matlak is such an established favorite in the industry.

Matlak is currently working on what she considers one of her... Read More

One of the strongest reasons for people to stay longer than they usually would on a certain website or a platform is the content. This means that the more engaging content will increase the presence of the audience for a long time. Hence, when there is a video on a website which is being played obviously invites the attention for more seconds as compared to a text which can be easily read through. Therefore, in order to increase the presence of users online over the websites and platforms, videos are seeing an explosive growth.

Another reason is the Google algorithm. The Google algorithm... Read More

When viewers take the trip to the theatre to see a new film, in most cases, they previously saw a captivating trailer or film poster that led them to decide "Oh I've got to go see this!"

For Chris Sousa Ebels, a key art designer and creative director at The Design Studio for Film aka DSF, getting international audiences to the theatre with his eye-catching work is an every day job.

As a key art designer Chris creates the perfect visualization of what happens in a film's story with the trailers, one sheets and movie posters so that audiences will both know what to expect and get... Read More

Born to German parents in South Africa, actress Birgit Ludemann is undeniably beautiful, but it's her aptitude for performing in war films and anything with action that has truly allowed her to shine in the entertainment industry.

Birgit, who has undergone several stints of stunt training over the years, is extremely agile and in tune with her movements, aspects of her talent that have allowed her to take on challenging roles like Natali in the film The Cello Player and Naomi Basson in the film Maquisard.

Taking on the starring role of Naomi Basson in writer and director Kurt... Read More

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