Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Yes the tin man, created by man in his own image…

A marvel of mechanical technology…

Able to stand for eons…

Able to withstand wind, rain and hail…

Able to chop down a tree with a single blow…

Watch him as he defends little Dorothy and Toto from the

Wicked witch of the West…

Watch him as he defies the Witch’s fireballs…

He dances…

He sings…

He clinks, he clanks…

He swings his mighty axe…

Follow him on his... Read More

Men in Black: 3 was far further in the black than The Avengers and won the holiday weekend with a gigantic $55 million domestically and $202 million worldwide in revenues.

Acorrding to the Hollywood Reporter it still needs to do to prove that the the $230 million Sony spent was a good investment. The Avengers drew in $37 million for a total gross, to - date, of $1.3 billion.

Battleship stole the number 3 spot with with $10.8 million in revenues and The Dictator took in $9.6 million followed by Chernobyl Diaries at $5 million in receipts, reports the AP.

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There is one compelling reason to see The Iron Lady– Meryl Streep’s performance as Margaret Thatcher. This is not acting; it’s almost as if an uncanny doppelganger has come to life, a performance which seems to clone the real-life Thatcher; her speech patterns, her mannerisms, her movements, her gestures; a fine observation of the finest details. This really is iron. The movie itself, though, is a little more like wood.

I have no hesitation at all in saying that Margaret Thatcher only stands comparison with Oliver Cromwell as the greatest commoner in British history. When people like... Read More

Filmmakers Awards Presented at Pan African Film & Arts Festival

By Ricky Richardson

Los Angeles-The Pan African Film and Arts Festival Filmmakers Awards Brunch prizes were handed out for Best Documentary Feature,Best Documentary Short,Best Narrative Short,Best Narrative Feature,Best First Feature Film,as well as Audience Favorite Award,on Monday,February 20th,2012.The Filmmakers Awards Brunch was hosted by Ayuko Babu,PAFF Executive Director,Wyllisa Bennett,PAFF Publicist and Venus Bernardo,PAFF Juror Co-ordinator.

The Brunch was held at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza,The... Read More

I waited an age for one biopic only to have two come along at once! Well, almost at once. It’s not long since I saw Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, a stunning performance in a less than stunning film. Now I’ve seen Leonardo DiCaprio, one of my favourite actors, play J. Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar, a stunning performance in a less than stunning film.

Hoover, the long standing Director – Dictator might be a better word - of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is in many ways an even more controversial figure than Thatcher. A man of impeccable moral stature, the self-appointed... Read More

I recently scanned the movie section, and being the red-blooded guy that I am, two recent releases advertising some adrenaline-filled action caught my eye causing me to walk inside the darkened rooms of the silver screen. I've seen both of these movies within the past few days and thought I'd share some of my insights on both before you pluck down some of your had-earned dollar bills. Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol: This is the fourth installment of the mega-successful thriller which actor, Tom Cruise, has made famous again by resurrecting the theme of the TV series from decades... Read More

Many years ago, a film called Cinema Paradiso employed a very simple device to help the viewer burrow deep into the psyche of both film, and into our personal experience of this world-changing method for storytelling. By the simple virtue of a misguided priest attempting to defend the very foundations of virtue, in his spiritually misguided desire to protect people from the truth of their own passions, we were allowed to see how one passion bears witness to and helps inform and educate on all passions. By removing the kisses, the films shown in this small Italian village always left the viewers... Read More

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