Sunday, February 17, 2019

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If you have pay close attention to the fashion show in 2015, there is not hard to know the 70’s style comes back in the fashion world, among them; the denim is one of the prevailing points. Go with the fashion is truth but how to go on the right way to create the look different from other common people is important, you should both rely on the special and cool accessories like men watches and the collocation tricks.

If you are going to wear a piece of classic style cowboy shirt in light color, how to match it? In general, most of the fashion men will choose to match it with the causal... Read More

Monotony is a life I cannot endure and like the Chinese torture of a thousand cuts, each ordinary minute, and every plain hour, is an excruciating drain of my sanity's blood. My brain, being calloused by experiences that nearly destroyed me, strangely created a need for that danger to survive and manipulates me to destroy my success to create the drama I'm addicted to. I've an endless thirst that cracks my tongue and mind with desire for the spiraling waters of a hurricane, a wind blown vertical rain that stings my eyes and makes me feel a desire for living for the next second. My thoughts... Read More

“There is darkness inside all of us, though mine is more dangerous than most. Still, we all have it—that part of our soul that is irreparably damaged by the very trials and tribulations of life. We are what we are because of it, or perhaps in spite of it. Some use it as a shield to hide behind, others as an excuse to do unconscionable things. But, truly, the darkness is simply a piece of the whole, neither good nor evil unless you make it so.” ? Jenna Maclaine, Bound By Sin

Building my life on this fulcrum, everything I have hangs the precarious balance of needing you and needing to... Read More

“If suffering like hers had any use, she reasoned, it was not to the sufferer. The only way that an individual's pain gained meaning was through its communication to others.” - Diane Wood Middlebrook, Anne Sexton: A Biography

I reach through the fodder of my mental plane wreck, grasping, trying to make sense of it. Like a forensic crash analyst, I pick up pieces of my shattered self and hold them up to the light, turning them over and over looking for reasons of the devastation. Is it operator error? Did the machine break? Was it an act of God? Did someone fail to address issues... Read More


When i first moved to this one hoarse town, (a few of the locals yell at each other-end result, more than ONE hoarse) i was introduced to the common phenomena "don't talk to this person,don't talk to that person because...he's an axe murderer,she's a trollop trolloping from house to house. That guy's on this and that and if you don't put your rubbish bins round the right way they'll stay full-not collected!"

"Nice to meet you guys but i don't take sides and yews have a nice day. And i'll make sure the bins face the right direction."

The... Read More

Those were the days, when in youthful exuberance, we indulged in certain reckless activities. It was not only reckless, but naughty too. Within the parameter of decency, we cultivated ourselves with utmost restraint. Let me take you on to the voyage of my youthful days. The year was 1982 and Indian youths were relishing the fresh lease of new found freedom.

I can still vividly recall one of the happenings and whenever I remember, it brings smile on my face. Oh! What a beautiful days those were…One of the episode, I would like to share, is that of year 1982 when I was doing Young Officer... Read More


A whole lot of years back i was talking to an old guy then who would be probably dead unless he supped from the fountain of youth IT having sprung a leak. I doubt it as old toothless Charlie (he could suck a pie to death and leave the crust quivering in fear) with his intermittent gout and heightened age bordering on 100-if alive- would have put paid to that methinks . Medium height heavily built Charlie would dig trenches all day at his pace-medium-but nonetheless'all day' would toil Charlie.

We used to lay pipe for communication cable and we didn't... Read More

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