Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Situated at the far end of Lake Geneva, Chateau de Chillon is a place of prime tourist interest around Geneva. The highway from Geneva takes one past Lausanne and Montreux to more than eight hundred years old Chateau. It is supposed to be the prettiest Swiss chateau, located as it is on a rocky outcrop on the banks of the Lake close to the French border. Some say it dates back to Roman times but its construction seems to have begun around nine hundred years ago. It was owned by three different nobilities during different periods of history – the House of Savoy, the Berenese and Vaud. It was... Read More

In a mood, to redraft time, that has gone and with that many others too, who were part of my life…I am collecting them in my thoughts…They are no more here and from the fallen times, I am plucking the memories and placing each one to recreate life back, which time has taken away from me…They are no more here and I am left behind to go through the episodic orchestration of memories in its most eloquent urgency…I am breathing for space with time, which has gone. I am encountering memories with reasonable decency to accept that they are no more here with me…But still wish to partake with my memories... Read More


Sat slumped. Head on chest. Halfhearted arthritic shaking remnant of a skilled surgeon's hand fused by scrambled cognitive. A random action, a dying reversal of fortune. Fortune earned now beside the point. Accolades from patients he saved through steady hands, somewhat gifted above the ordinary surgeon. God given surely? So he sat. The dribble down his chin unchecked.Visits from grateful people he saved, scant, almost none-existent. Had no family left to speak speak to. You know, the book says, "don't patronize or overly fuss." Don't overload... Read More


...kicked the Harley in the guts, no leathers, raucous, guy's nuts!

Crankcase leak, just a smidgin, raw cuss from the burnt exhaust...frights pigeons.

His mate's wonder,where to in such a rush?

Had imbibed on a bit, 'smoked' on a lip.

His missus just died on the drip.

Couldn't care less as he shot across crest

Howling at nearly full song.

Witness's swore the guy had slowed down,

The crossing lady lay... face down, on the ground.

Cops came along , onlookers throng,

Why had she rushed without... Read More

Do we ever really lose or is it our choices that need adjustment? Or am I an eternal idealistic optimist? That could be, but I am unlikely to change. I am what I am.

I would of lost HEART in the face of man's cruelty to man..

I would of lost HOPE in the face of marriages that seem to be crumbing....

I would of lost LOVE in the face of incest and abuse....

I would of lost COURAGE in the face of fury and rage...

I would of lost JOY in the face of depression and despair...

I would of lost PERSPECTIVE in the face of anxiety and panic....

... Read More

After I did my post graduation my father told me to prepare for the Civil Services Examinations. In those days there was no other alternative except taking a shot at these exams if one wanted to do well in life. This was more so for those who had opted for humanities, as apart from getting into a college to teach the only other option was to try and become a lowly clerk in a government office. Many of my classmates had to take this option as decent jobs were just not available, unless of course one knew somebody weighty enough to lean on an appointing authority. Thankfully, two of my older... Read More

I stopped being competitive around the age of 7 years old. I was young and innocent. I don't recall how it started but there was a 'contest' down in the basement of my three floor house. My sister and I were 'competing' to pleasure my older brother. How it started I still don't recall but I 'won' and ever since than I no longer care to compete. The prize was nothing more than humiliation and the start of a destructive life. How you might ask did something like this even occur? well to make it simple the supervision in the house was limited. My mother was probably upstairs watching "Days of... Read More

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