Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Jim Carroll, an icon of the underground for his memoir, 'The Basketball Diaries,' died Friday, Sept. 11, in his New York City apartment of a heart attack, his ex-wife Rosemary Carroll told the New York Times. He was 60.

I met Jim in 1986, when he read some of his poetry at San Jose State University. Afterward, we shared a beer and some other non-heavy drugs. He was a really great guy--we watched an NBA game on TV and chatted for a couple of hours. Every time I meet a great writer, I go home and write. Jim re-excited me about writing back during a down period in my life.

Carroll... Read More

I tend to ignore the flashing DON’T WALK sign every so often. Ok, maybe I ignore it more than I listen to it, but I have a theory. I mean machines can only be so smart right? They can flash and count down all they want but do they really know if a car is coming? And I’m not a 2 year old, I have eyes and a head that I can turn both ways and see pretty clearly that there are no cars coming. For miles. Not even a single speck in the distance moving closer. No engine sounds to be heard. So I cross, and while I don’t encourage others to follow, I stand by my decision. Because as a human, I trust... Read More

Earning My Stripes

“You really should get dressed,” she suggested, she being my wife, Lorrie, who had evidently failed to note that I already was dressed. “I don’t want to miss the silent auction.”

“I am dressed,” I pointed out.

“You can’t go like that.”

“Fine,” I said, and headed sullenly for my closet. Off with the shorts; off with the perfectly clean tee shirt. Let’s see, then. Pants: Khaki … or Khaki? Not the 32s; not the 34s. There – the 36s… with the... Read More

50 seems to be the magic number this week. He's not an internationally know icon, but I'm pretty sure he is nationally known and I'd would give to go as far as to say he his King of Infomercials.

Billy Mays, aka, OxyClean guy has been found dead in his home this morning. Mays was not a professional actor, but rather a one of those guys you see at state fairs and other similar type events hired to sell products such as shams and what nots.

It is spectulated that he may have died of the similar circumstances as Natasha Richards. He was on a plane that had a hard landing and debris... Read More

Birthdays have gone from being a time to simply celebrate to a time to reflect on where I'm at and where I'm going in my life... and then having a celebration to cheer myself up after doing so. Although, since I'm not crossing a decade marker, I imagine most folks won't see much significance in turning 35. But, 35 is a more significant age than you think. It's the age at which you officially leave the world's most influential spending and cultural demographic (males age 18-34) and move into the demographic being targeted by pharmaceutical advertisers and Time-Life books. You may think these... Read More

Twice every day and once on Saturday, faithful listeners heard the familiar voice of Paul Harvey introduce his news and commentary with those immortal words. Today, the voice that for over 50 years brought news and commentary of the day has been silenced. Considered a pioneer in the radio industry and a member of the Radio Hall of Fame died in Phoenix. He was 90 years old. No cause of death has been made available.

In a statement released Saturday by ABC Radio spokesman Louis Adams, Harvey died surrounded by family at a hospital.

Harvey's son, Paul Harvey,... Read More

The Olds was coral and white, spotless and it sparkled like an enormous diamond. It was the sharpest ride in town and as if by magic, everything around it sparkled too!

As a boy growing up in Marietta, Georgia, my mom and I would frequently walk the mile into town on a Saturday morning. During those years, the square in Marietta was old town south. On one corner stood the pre-civil war courthouse with its faithful flock of pigeons. Dodging frequent streams of tobacco spit, they gathered daily to be regaled with stories of yesteryear from the town's elderly gentlemen who made... Read More

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