Sunday, February 17, 2019

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So I was going to show my parents that I could make my own decisions. I was also lured by the Army’s commercials; I wanted to travel and see the world while serving my country. So one day I marched into a recruiting office and proudly declared I wanted to join the Army! That day I met a woman—an extremely tall and beautiful African-American—Sergeant Noble Fields, who saw in me a “troubled child.” We made a connection, and she took me under her wing.

I was still not sixteen and could not join the Army, and I would still need my parents consent. Sergeant Fields offered to keep me busy... Read More

I was in my first years, when that incident happened. Joined an engineering college in Coimbatore and had to endure a lot to push through the first six months as a newbie. Staying away from home, constant humiliation from the seniors in the name of ragging, pressure of assignments and class tests and above all the daily struggle for adjusting my stomach to the hostel food had made my life a mini hell. Though each day felt like a struggle to survive there were many memorable incidents which were much exiting and some most weird. Such an incident happened around the curly hair of two of my... Read More

Now when I think about how I was when I reached twenty, all my life behind was only a vague picture to me then. It was like numerous threads stretched parallel not touching each other leaving gaps which I couldn't connect. I kept on trying, looking back again and again but nothing was clear to me. There were times when I could spot the threads that carried the precious moments of happiness and the ones which carried the saddest moments but when I try to think about them my face got sad and it felt like they were just threads laid apart so apart from my life.

I was hopeless and totally... Read More

My surname is Killion and there are quite a few variants of this eg. Killian, Killeen, Killen, Killoon etc. Kilian with a single 'l' is the German spelling. We were nobles in ancient Ireland before those Normans in 1172, those fighting Fitzgeralds under Strongbow, Hugh de Lacy and others, came and dispossessed us of our lands and castle. We were the Chieftains of Fingal, the Earls of Fingal and the Lords Killeen. This latter honor went to the Plunketts, but such is life. However the most illustrious forebear of our name knew nothing of this. He was born in the Dark Ages in 640 of noble parents.

... Read More

We were living in tents and building a house on the old 5 acre, mountainside Houdini Estate, in Laurel Canyon, Hollywood, California which my children fondly called “The Hill”.

My husband Doc and I married for 2 years had 6 children between us. Our eldest was my 7-year-old son and then five daughters the oldest being 6, twins which were 4, his 3-year-old and our youngest daughter just 7 months old.

My husband was self-producing a national radio show and I was in negotiations for a cartoon contract with a local newspaper, The LA Reader. We were also waiting on a promised record... Read More

Mine was a young and foolish mind then, thought the world and all in it is against me. My father got transferred to Coimbatore; it was his third transfer since I started my school day. I was enrolled in a new school there, my fourth school. New school, lot of new faces and the only thing familiar as usual was the books. There I met him, he became my best friend and now I hate him the most. He came to me, stood beside me, talked to me a lot and it seemed that we both had the same view towards life. I started talking a lot too, about me, about the world around me and how it’s unfair. I trusted... Read More

I have friends, a lot in fact, they were always nice to me, loved me and stood near me when ever needed, but I felt all alone and detached. A little did I know that I created a barrier between me and others, the one through which not even my parents could pass, the one which made me fall in love with loneliness. It felt like dark and cold inside, as if I am not needed in this world, as if I am dead. Four walls surrounded me, I can’t see beyond them, only darkness all around, they are closing in fast now; soon I won’t be able to move and there won’t be much air left for me to breath. All trapped... Read More

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