Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Father Gabriele Amorth served as the Vatican’s chief exorcist for years now says that yoga is from satan. His reason, according to the Telegraph is that it leads to a worship of Hinduism and that "all eastern religions are based on a false belief in reincarnation”.

If you own yoga mats you likely are safe as he did not go as far as saying that they are from satan. However if you have any of the Harry Potter books you may have a slight problem as Father Gabriele said that Harry Potter is also part of this satanic broo. [sp. brew].

"Practicing yoga is Satanic, it leads to evil... Read More

The cost of Thanksgiving dinner is up 13% in 2011 compared to 2010 or around $49.20 for 10 eating heads in 2011 compared to $43.37 in 2010 according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

However you bet there are the 1% who spend far more than $4.34c a head. If you are curious about how much it would cost a 1%ers to truly "give thanks" for their growing wealth Travers Coch of did the work for you. If you are part of the 1% and aren't pimping your 'Giving! then you can always thank Travers next year when you place your orders. A totally pimped Thanksgiving "ride",... Read More

On Saturday a deputy officer from the Kenall County, Illinois Sherrifs' Office discovered a car that had gone into a ditch off Route 71 East on Highpoint Road, Illinois. The car had been driven, prior to its' standstill, by an 18 year old woman -- by the name of Olivia Christina Ornelas.

After stopping to check out the ditch, the Officer found "after further investigation" that the car involved, had in fact been driven by Ornelas, that it had no front tire - a slight problem, and she was found to be "extremely intoxicated." See an Offical Copy of the Sherrif's Report.

When... Read More

I still remember when I was diagnosed as bi-polar, I wasn't saddened by it, quite the opposite actually. I had finally a reason for my erratic behaviour: all those hit and misses, the pain endured of not being able to achieve what I set myself to do, etc... It explained a lot and I exhaled a sigh of relief as I knew then it wasn't fault but something I had little control of.

Then it dawned on me that because I was also stuck in my 'ivory tower' due to agoraphobia I couldn't spend my days idling away watching television or being on the computer. Granted there are many things to discover... Read More

First, understand that The Steelesque Movement held court for awhile on this topic. The Steelesque Movement is a group of writers, musicians, filmmakers and artists. In this particular boardroom session were myself, writer Alan Welding and musician/songwriter Eric Bee. We started out setting some guidelines. First, your list can only have two family members. Face it, we could list a ton of family members that have demonstrated everyday heroics in our lives. Secondly, God can't be your hero. He is a "God" so I think he's taken the hero status to a new level. (Jesus too....although he seemed... Read More

Yesterday I was replacing a propane tank hanging off the stern of our sailboat. It’s hung in an awkward location, the full tank was heavy, and I was feeling the dizzying effects of a cold. I was worried that I was going to drop the thing when I heard something go clunk, bang, plop into the salt chuck. I carried on trying to mount the tank, my mind whirring with the possibilities of what had fallen overboard. Tools? That’s happened more than once, but this time I wasn’t using any. It sounded fairly heavy.

I had been leaning over at a fairly acute angle…did something fall out of a pocket?... Read More

She doesn't know what she is doingOnly acting on what was taught herBehaving irrationally and usingdestroying those who loved herShe goes on with her lifeonly causing painthere is always strifecollateral damage, no gain. Hurting people, hurt people. It is no surprise, when you chase that hell bent soul over the edge, that you are drawn down after them. Stand strong on your own ground and know when to let go. Some people cannot be helped by you rescuing them. They must live out their destiny, which they themselves have chosen, and you must let go. Beware then of collateral damage, for their... Read More

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