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In early October I had to go to Anantnag. None, except the stenographer, accompanied me. An inspector in-charge of the sub-division, one Ganjoo, came from Pulwama to assist me. After a three day-stay when it was time to get back to Srinagar Ganjoo asked me why not travel along the Peer Panjal and peep into Kulgam, Pulwama and Shopian before returning to Srinagar. I thought it was a good suggestion. I would not only be able to look at larger numbers of field offices, I would also be able to see these sizable towns. Shopian, of course, I had visited in 1957 when we had come over to the Valley... Read More

Business travel is unlike other forms of travel because top level executives don’t like to face hurdles that other travel might have to bear. Business travelers have got a way around every problem and does travel intelligently. In this article, we share business travel tips from seasoned business travelers to make your next business trip memorable.

Pack Less

Pavia Rosati, Founder of Fathom Way to Go thinks that you cut off many items from your things to pack list. Sharing her experience and how she go about packing, she said, “I think about the stuff that I want to bring, and then... Read More

Iceland is a country of volcanoes, glaciers, hot spring and long days and nights and has been attracting tourists from all over the world. The country may be expensive in comparison to other countries, but it is a well-established platform for business expansion and marketing. It has been estimated that there exist various opportunities for foreign internationals willing to travel to Iceland for work and jobs because of its faulty lack in provision of skills.

With a population of over 300,000 people, Iceland is a developing country with a strengthened economy. The economy in the... Read More

Driving in snow and icy weather is the same for everyone; painstakingly difficult. It’s during this period that every road user needs to flaunt their skills as a worthy driver. Not to do so risks not just their own safety, but the safety of their fellow drivers too. Certainly, everyone just wants to get home and get warm too, but impatience and panic can’t set in here.

Consequently, here’s how to drive in snow and icy weather.

Make it Easier

Make no mistake, you can’t just hop into your vehicle like its summer outside and get going. Certain precautions must be made... Read More

5 best places to visit for adventurous desert safari experience

Adventure is experiencing life to fullest. For some It’s is fun and for others it’s way to look at the world from another angel. Thousands of tourists from different parts of the world visit number of adventure destination for enjoying their vacations. Apart from hiking and camping safaris are most common type of adventure vacation.

Now safaris are two types Jungle safari and Desert safari. While jungle safaris take you to wildwood inherited by wild life but conserved under forest area, Desert safari on the other... Read More

Taking care of your health is essential, but as people are getting busy in their day to day life, health issues have become very common. Preventing a disease to occur is always better than going to a doctor when you are in trouble. With the evolution of medical spa treatments, people have benefited a lot.

Medical spas have become quite popular in the last few years for various reasons. The medical spas or the more commonly known as medspa are a great choice to get the best medical treatments without worrying about the side effects of a drug or the long-lasting effects of surgery.... Read More

Planning a South Florida move? Here’s what to consider

Moving to South Florida is a dream come true for many people. And there is a good reason for this. This is one of the most popular destinations in the state, especially when it comes to buying homes.

However, before you plan your relocation to South Florida, there will be some things you shouldn’t forget when moving. First of all, if you plan to look for the best places to buy a house in South Florida, you will need to set the budget for it. Speaking of the budget, you shouldn’t forget all the moving expenses. While... Read More

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