Friday, February 22, 2019

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It cannot be denied. Many visitors to Ibiza go there with the sole intention of partying throughout the night and recovering on an inviting beach or around a pool by day, but those considering a visit should not think this inviting island is exclusive to the party crowd.

The White Isle:

Belonging to the Balearic Islands, Ibiza’s attractive and natural environment beckons year- round to a wide range of visitors and caters for all needs.

It is commonly referred to as the ‘white island’. This is not due to the huge number of fair-skinned holidaymakers looking for a... Read More

Crete Island has a long and a rich history. It was the home to Minoan Civilization back in the day. It is also identified as one of the most influential civilizations in the region. In today’s world, Crete Island has become a prominent tourist destination. People from all over the world tend to visit Crete and explore the excellent hiking trails, beautiful beaches and quality little historic towns. In addition, all the people who come to Crete Island will also be able to enjoy delicious food along with wine. The locals in here are welcoming and friendly. Hence, you can think about... Read More

The New Zealand road trip is a rite of passage for a summer holiday. Arm yourself with snacks, patience and sunscreen and go on an epic adventure!

Travelling by road gives you freedom to stop and go as you please, heading off to investigate things that interest you, going off the beaten tourist path.

But New Zealand roads can be harsh places with difficult terrain. The weather can change abruptly, especially in the mountain passes. There can be long stretches without houses, towns or petrol, so you need to be organised. You’ll want to stop often, for adventures or food… or... Read More


Australia is a hugely appealing travel destination. With cosmopolitan cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, as well as beautiful beaches, deserts, parks and ‘the outback’, Australia’s attractions are many and versatile.

Although it’s one of the most urbanised countries in the world, Australia is full of surprises for first-time visitors. Besides being gigantic in size (it’s the sixth largest country in the world), Australia is also quite expensive, and there are some traditions (like leaving tips) that are not so normal.

Here are 10 tips you will find... Read More

Like the previous occasion in 1987 we had bought EuRail passes in India which enabled us to travel 1st Class in all trains including the prestigious TGVs and the high speed trains that were basically meant for inter-city travels. In 1987 the TGVs used to ply only between Paris and Lyon and Paris and Geneva. In the intervening ten years its operations were exponentially expanded and most of the West European cities are now served by TGV trains. TGV stands for Train a Grande Vitesse (high speed train),

So, one morning we climbed into a TGV train plying between Brussels and Paris.... Read More

When a person announces they are running for the presidency, researchers and fact checkers immediately delve into their background. A huge number of topics are soon unearthed for public consumption; the candidate’s employment history, their personal life, and even their educational experience.

The focus on a prospective president’s educational history is, in truth, a little surprising. After all, most presidents run for office decades after their schooling concluded, but education credentials are still considered to be a key signifier in a person’s fitness for office. Given the obvious... Read More

It has never been easier to travel solo than it is as of now. Technology has expanded its wings to every corner of the globe, everything right from booking a hotel room to staying in touch with family has become super easy and totally doable on your own. Solo travel is not scary or daunting as you think. In fact, traveling solo is incredibly fun! If you're looking forward to a solo trip for ahead, here are 11 tips to make your first solo trip a great one-

1. Choose your destination smartly

Best place for a solo trip? Well, the best place totally relies upon you and what you're keen... Read More

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