Friday, February 15, 2019

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If you want to measure how you eat then HAPIfork is for you. What gets measured gets done so if your outcome is to reduce your eating speed and the amount of food you put in your mouth you need not look any further.

The fork, using sensors, monitors exactly how fast you eat and how many mouthfuls you take. This enables you to control the speed and amount you are eating. The premise is that the slower you eat, the fuller you will become. Studies have proven this to be true and that's why drinking a glass of water half an hour before you sit down to eat is an effective way of reducing... Read More

1. Rationalizing what we eat: Rationalizing is our way of making sense about things that we may not understand fully. Very often we will put stock in something that is false just because it make us feel better about not sticking to our diet. “Just one Brownie won’t hurt” Actually it will hurt you as one brownie has 39 grams of carbohydrates in which most are sugar to boot. Instead of just rationalizing everything it is better to be totally honest with your self about whether or not what we eat is actually “ok.” a sense of disconnected numbness and indifference

2. One of the biggest reasons... Read More

“I can’t diet because I am hungry all the time!” I am sure you have either heard someone say this or you have said it yourself. It is very common for people to drastically change their diet without putting much thought into the process at all. Would be dieters end up with terrible hunger pains because of their lack of planning. Their old diet filled with carbohydrates and saturated fats would leave them full and happy in the short term, and of course with a larger waist line than they would like for themselves.

The key to staying full after meals that stay on your on diet depend on the... Read More

It is important to read nutritional labels when you out shopping. Unfortunately most people are ignorant as how to properly read these labels. Most people pick up a product and only check the calorie count, which is not a good gauge a food’s impact on your body as I explained in an earlier blog.

As you pick up a box and look at the label there are different words and numbers staring back at you. Instead of looking at the calories take a look at the total number sugars first and foremost. Sugar has a tremendous effect on our waist line because of it’s effect on our insulin levels. After... Read More

Dear Ely,

I’m getting old, and I hate it. My skin is wrinkling, my face is sagging, my hair is turning gray, my teeth are turning yellow, and my boobs and butt and drooping towards the ground. I’m starting to look like an old lady, but I’m only 55. I feel like I should still be in the prime of my life. I’m not ready to be elderly. I refuse to fade into decrepitude. I want to be youthful and attractive forever. Help me look younger! Help me find the fountain of youth!


Old Before My Time


Dear Old Before My Time,

I vomited twice... Read More

There I said it, I bet you haven’t heard that before. Hardcore dieters have known this for some time as they are well aware that fructose has a similarly bad effect on our bodies as table sugar. (Sucrose) If you are really serious about losing weight you must count every carb from fruit and make sure not to over do it. People only dieting for overall health and not to lose weight must also be aware of the sugar content of the fruits they eat. People falsely assume that the sugar in fruit is not bad for you. False! It has a negative effect on insulin levels when over consumed and can contribute... Read More

Dear Ely,

Once a palace of heavenly rest and a fountain of renewal and refreshment, my bed has transformed into the Gate of Hell, a portal to a dimension of fear and terror. Nightmares stalk my sleeping mind every single night. Dreaming is psychological self-torture: I plummet helplessly from great heights; ferocious predators maul my feeble body; murderous maniacs pursue me through unfamiliar streets; and people I love and trust hurt me in unthinkable ways. The details may change, but the horrifying nature of my dreams does not. I don’t know how long I can continue living... Read More

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