Friday, February 15, 2019

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A recent article by Theresa H Hall bemoaned a skillet full of butter that burned black when she turned her back on it, just for a minute. I advised Theresa that sauteing vegetables or meat in butter should always be done at low heat. Stir every minute or two and watch for your desired doneness, but leave the heat on low. If you don't want to push your food around the pan for what may be a long time on low add an equal or near equal amount of olive oil and stir on medium. But be sure to keep the food moving in the pan. If you're making gumbo on the other hand, you'll want to use only oil... Read More

Every cook learns this tried and true lesson many times during their kitchen stints. Seems as if I have to be reminded a couple of times a year. There are rules about cooking. The most important is Safety First: watch your fingers, watch your head, close cabinet doors and drawers, don't walk around waving any sharp object ... hold it firmly, pointing toward the floor and away from your legs, lest you accidentally trip. Never leave something cooking on the stove unattended. Remember to use pot holders and wait until a container has cooled down before rinsing it with cool water. If you have furry... Read More

Before summer officially arrives on June 21st, Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of the grilling season. "Even on the hottest and driest of days, people set up their grills and heat up their briquettes." Picnics in state parks, on beaches, and especially in backyards, are always good places to open the grill, pour in the briquettes and light them up, using the terribly offensive and odorous butane fluid. I cringe whenever I smell it, as I now live in a condo and worry that someone could be careless. Many others turn valves to allow the prescribed amounts of gas to heat their gas grills.... Read More

Using Yeast The easiest type of yeast to use is active dry yeast. It should always be fresh, so make sure to look at the expiration date on the packets. Having and using fresh yeast is important because you want the bread that you make be fresh as well. For the water, you must get the temperature just right. Water is used to make the yeast dissolve and added to a mixture of yeast and flour. In order to get the right water temperature, get a thermometer. The temperature is supposed to measure between 110 - 115 degrees after the yeast has dissolved in the water.

For a flour and yeast mixture,... Read More

By now, you’ve surely seen hand painted wine glasses in your local gift shop, at a party you’ve attended, or on the Internet. They seem to be everywhere nowadays and there is no indication that their popularity is waning. One particular company has gotten off to a fast start since starting online operations just five short months ago. started selling hand painted wine glasses on the Internet in December, 2009. However, that date is a little deceiving. Owner/artist Tabatha Hobbs actually started making hand painted wine glasses in 1989. Back then, she painted glasses for family... Read More

Legendary La Folie Owner/Chef Roland Passot knows French food and he creates a piece of artwork every time one of his plates hits the table. Fine dining could be wasted on me, because I have a naïve, untrained palate. I can’t often tell the difference between pork and chicken or duck and turkey. I know my barbecue and comfort food, but fancy high-end cuisine is kind of a mystery to me. We only get to eat at places like La Folie for very special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. So, when I do have a fine dining experience, I’m basically a fish out of water.

We knew almost instantly... Read More

In my life, I’ve brunched. Yes, I have brunched many times in many cities over many years. I have eaten nearly my weight in just brunches alone. Back in the day, I was asked to leave a brunch because I ate my way right through into Monday. Sundays are all about three things for me—church, brunch & the NFL, in that particular order. If I can talk to the Big Man, eat some great Eggs Benedict and watch my team win on the gridiron, I am a happy man and my Sunday is complete. My needs are specific, but they’re simple.

The Sunday Gospel Brunch at 1300 Fillmore is like church meets a brunch.... Read More

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