Friday, February 15, 2019

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A cup of green tea is not only a great beverage in terms of taste but is very beneficial for health as well. Green tea has proved to be an awesome substitute for cold drinks and other sweet drinks which have multiple negative effects on the body, right from excess fat to weak teeth. Green tea has a large list of benefits but some of the important ones are listed below-

1. Reduces heart troubles

Green tea is considered a good option to reduce heart ailments such as heart attacks or irregular blood pressure. The antioxidants found in green tea when released in the body relieve... Read More

There are many mothers who are skeptical about the goat milk formula when it comes to bottle feed their babies. It is important for those mothers to know that in some of the countries goat milk is preferred over cow’s milk. It is always a better choice and here in this post you will find the plenty of advantages of goat’s milk for your little angles. Goat’s milk is very easy for the sensitive stomach of babies to digest and is also less allergic as compared to the cow’s milk.

Why goat milk is better for your infants?

Being a mother it is important to know that you cannot give... Read More

The human brain is the most powerful organ in the body. It is described as an organic machine with power to control cellular activities. The brain regulates activities such as; the heartbeat, muscular movements, breathing, digestion, learning and memory. It also controls a lot of conscious and unconscious activities we get involved in without our knowledge.

Due to the immense activities controlled by the brain, it is mandatory that it is adequately and consistently supplied by energy in order regulate the various body processes. It is important to note that the neuron cells do not store... Read More

Pressed and fresh garlic is used worldwide either it is Indian or global market. Even garlic has an interesting history and it was used to keep away vampires. Now it is used to treat different health conditions and giving maximum protection against all possible diseases. This has become an overall health booster from last few decades.

Earlier people were not familiarize with medicinal benefits of pressed garlic and fresh garlic. But now research reports have made it clear that garlic not only cures diseases but also improves overall health conditions and immune system. Garlic exporters... Read More

With the world turning out to be a hub of health conscious people in every nook and corner, the cereal foods segment in India also has made it big over the past few years.

Cereal foods in India always had their best share in the breakfast platter. Though Indians are highly inclined towards eating their favorite hot, cooked and tasty breakfast recipes, due to lifestyle changes increasingly coming in and with greater time-constraints, greater need for convenience and east breakfast ways, people are not hesitating to give into cereal foods which are actually time savers and also are healthy.

... Read More

Sitting in front of your computer one hand on the controls and the other one ready to grab on to another handful of chip, this is a typical image of teens, nowadays. What is it exactly that makes people so addicted to junk food? Everyone knows full well the horrible effects these chips and sodas can cause our bodies but there’s just this something that makes it so good that we can’t have enough of it.

Monosodium glutamate or MSG as we know it is one of the components making up junk food flavoring. It is one of the 125 food ingredients that shouldn’t even be used. In addition to MSG,... Read More

Guys, we all like to add different flavors in everything even in our life. When we ask someone about the most innovative part of their life then their answer may be same. Most of them say that food is the most innovative and decorative part of their life. This is the only time when they can make experiments with own choices. Most of the time, there is no one to stop us to make such experiments. We can add and experiment for new tastes like in oats cereal breakfast. There is a large scope to add flavors and additive to get new taste and experiment.

We can add flavors by adding fruits... Read More

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