Sunday, February 17, 2019

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We all know the various advantages of the Internet, especially for those born in the 90s or earlier. However, just as we find benefits, as in all scenarios where humans are, there are also risks.

The Organization of American States (OAS), through its agency specialized in children and adolescents, the Inter-American Children's Institute (IIN), has published the regional report entitled "Guidelines for Empowerment and protection of the rights of children and adolescents on the Internet in Central America and the Dominican Republic. " Although the analysis hangs in the threats of the... Read More

Though the shape and function of packaging are important, design too has a great value in the success of a product.

Companies are spending a lot of time and money in creating a perfect product. But they still view packaging as an afterthought. When it comes to advertising, packaging plays an important role. It is what lures a customer to make a purchase decision. While an attractive packaging design can increase the sales, a poor packaging can increase the risk of loss of sales.

So what makes packaging “good”? It’s true that not all products are packed in pleasant and attractive... Read More

A clipping path is really a vector path utilized for unraveling objects using their coating. It enables the objects to be put on a new background. This amazing services such as Photoshop masking, masked pictures, background photo removal, knockout mask, image cut-out as well as other art-work services are performed for marketing, promotional and graphic usages. Sometimes many paths are created to hide the undesirable parts of a picture. Separate paths are drawn for the image as well as the frame for graphic. The pictures to become manipulated are utilized in software like Adobe Photoshop,... Read More

It is very clear that the social media sites are always brimming with activity. It has already attracted the gaze of the new generation to a huge extent. The prime reason behind the ability of social media to arrest the attention of the people is understandable by looking at the fluidity present in the online zone. The Internet is always space where people can become a member without any demarcation based on borders. Each and every religion, race, and people from remote geographical location have the ability to access the internet and are allowed to establish an individual identity.

... Read More

Social media- the big space in today’s world has evolved tremendously and we have seen some unexpected trends in the past few years. We also saw that millions of people have installed Facebook application. Not only this, but also the spending on the social media has also increased. More and more brands are spending a huge amount of money on social media in order to grab attention.

Well, this is not enough. We have seen some major trends happening that have left all of us wanting more. Given below are some of the major social media trends for the year 2018.

Facebook... Read More

The images add concrete visual evidence to support your text. Whatever you write, it is always less convincing without images. Numerous studies show that most people are more likely to believe a story or idea if there is an image that accompanies the story. An image also leaves us with a stronger impression because our brain is more easily attracted to objects or animals in real life than in words.

Using images on your website can be complicated. The images can light up your website or destroy it completely. Many people are skeptical about the use of images due to SEO and bandwidth... Read More

Email campaigns are favoured by many businesses for their ability to facilitate cheap and efficient mass communications with users. Whether it is a newsletter, or a specific announcement, email is the first and most obvious choice for distributing communications and promotional materials to customers, or even to other businesses. But, whether it’s a marketing campaign that you are distributing via email, or a more general communication, it is very frustrating when messages aren’t delivered.

If your emails end up going straight into the spam folders of the recipients, you will want... Read More

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