Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Before i begin i would like a body reading this piece to rest assured the characters in this story do not, have never,will not ever, turn up in real life? If YOU can give me an assurance of the specific connotation of what's 'real' in this world or, 'unreal' happenstance. The exclamationary accusation,"are you for real?" seems to rear its inquisitive head a great deal more these days as opposed to earlier times when people kept their thoughts and worries bottled, much like the Beatle's 'Eleanor Rigby,' who kept her face and possibly her loneliness, suspended,... Read More


Mrs Verb spat the dummy, wiped up, rubbed the usual verbatim with gusto . "Dot, look child, full stop, exclamation remark. I'm doing, saying and telling you, go up and finish cleaning your room up! There's a conglomerate group of collective synonym bun crumbs from past tense study all over the floor. Don't say "i done it yesterday!" girl like you usually do." Dot stopped, face full of dash, she paused, a pregnant pause. Hands on her hips."What then ma?" "you should say, " i thought i done it yesterday but you lazy one, didn't done it, i didn't done it... Read More


Ms Dowdy Brown from a wee small town, was just that.

Dowdy, nosey, a wee medium height slightly plump woman who would/could judge a person before she even met them, she was that perceptive. To do this or at least have the psychic ability,you have to spread rumors about a person,discard the facts and simply plow ahead unabashed. Wielding a screwed up countenance linked to pursed lips like a sort of facial bludgeoning mace.Devoid of reason,sympathy. We all know someone of that ilk A browned off busybody, the former only daughter of the local Bank Manager... Read More

Dating sights. RIGINAL.

I'll get to the dating in a mo.What ever you do don't pull down, dismantle, fiddle with, try to adjust, rearrange, fabric venetian blinds.

Just ignore them and paint them the same color as the walls. Took me all day to clip bunch of them up after having to dismantle all the little hooks, threads strings, etc. The guy,gal, who designed them should be strung up on the hooks which break.You know the ones, the ones that no-one makes anymore. "But we'll sell you a new lot,or, i think i know where some old new stock is out back but they'll cost you more than... Read More


"But...i love you!" She rested her hand on the fret of his guitar, stifling the melancholy cords. Placed a shaking hand on his melancholy lips,wiped a trickle of wine, mingled with tears, from his chin. "Don't! Please...don't! Don't say that."Claudia pulled away. He reached for her. She twisted away again. Intoxicated,he picked up the dregs, staggered, drank. Dropped the spent cheap wine bottle. It rolled across the wooden floor of the second story apartment in Drabsville, cannoned,chinked in unison with two identical bottles, like remnant glass ten pins.She kissed him... Read More

hold a touch to feel your breath every day

I awaken every day and you are my first thought

I need to feel you, hear you, your breath against me

I need you more than a lung needs air, I think it’s love


Like Alpha needs the Omega, I need to know your warmth

Our sameness make us one, our differences make us two

When the night comes I need to feel your naked next to mine

Skin on Skin we intertwine as one soul, I think it’s love


I am on a path to love you more, prepare for what’s in store

The love I hold comes from... Read More


It was marvelous in the beginning. New romance always is. She was dark perfection. Close cropped dark. She wasn't a plastic bitch. She spun him off his feet. In mutual he whisked about her shapely figure, didn't leave her side. Torrid lovers. Others, as always, pointed jealous. Glared. Several of the older ones tried to rub him up. But he rarely gave in. Wished they were being screwed off their feet by this lover man with the inexhaustible energy to prod the beauty at will, any time any place. Even when she wanted a rest from him,cried out in the pain residue of too... Read More

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Watching porn is an outlet for sexual desire. Those who lack courage to venture into new avenues and those who are willing to do certain ugly things; however, in reality they are not willing to do things on account of social stigma, develops the habit...


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She loves me...she loves me knot. RIGINAL.

been told to act my age and wake up to myself Ian...when a woman is infatuated with a man that's a cover up for,"i'm in love with you Ralph..." :>) She just doesn't know it yet. :>) I'm a very sensitive man...:>) Men get dust in their eyes too...