Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Swore i'd never say again,"a friend of mine." A friend of mine who had split with his missus had fallen for an overseas poet.

He isn't very articulate. He started to tear up a bit. "What's the matter?" i inquired. He's the sort of guy who likes a beer but not a drunk. I handed him a can,he refused it. I knew this was a dire situation, i mean what guy refuses a beer or any top shelf imbibement in moderation? "I've fallen for someone who writes poetry..." his voice trailed off. I was adjusting my brakes on my latest purchase. I put the adjuster... Read More

Lionel Richie has revealed he's had a hip replacement.

The former Commodores singer wore platform boots and danced on stage for years which led to him suffering from arthritis and having the joint replaced three years back.

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Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper he explained: "Since the Commodores days, we don't wear those big boots any more because of the knees and the ankles.

"I think about it now, and think, 'What was I doing?!' Every night, on stage, we'd jump from one riser to the floor. Craziness! What was I thinking?"

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Ok, this piece is written by myself as a tribute to me because if you don't love yourself then how on earth can you love someone you don't really know and indeed if you did probably or maybe at least couldn't or more to the point didn't,then what is the point of being confused about where your true love lies. Lying about love is really not love because a loving lie is still just that...a lie. Most women indeed don't take love lying down. We are all just so damn busy now aren't we to even look askance for love? No time? No merit? You may get... Read More


Hemmingway may not have coined the phrase. And not in those words but i just obliterated accidently half a page of angst, anger, out of control premeditated swearing so DON'T read on it's your choice because i'm as MAD as hell and madder than mad if that be possible.

I'll try to get to the main point. Short angry shrift which my out-of-control recently borderline personality diagnosed (33 year- old evilness within... it's been going on so long) rampant; "i want to die but before i do i'll wreck every bastard's life!" -daughter.

And... Read More

Dr. Neg Tiv. RIGINAL.

Dr. Neg Tive was born just that. A brilliant baby who diagnosed himself five minutes after he was born-with a runny nose.

The nurse offered him a tissue,the good doc waved her away with a little red screwed up facial reprimand, "frankly m' dear you can't stop the dam with a tissue impregnated no doubt with the distinct possibility of possible cross infection from the surrounding air which harbors a germalogical suspension of entwining bacteria due no doubt to a mingling of over fermentation heat plus sterilization techniques of unwarranted strength which... Read More


In a desperate attempt to save humanity, (or is that a savor shortfall?) the world's most prominent cost cutting monetary surgeons have honed the scalpel of excess damnation on the cutting edge of wastage's sharp rebuke pertaining to and from the enormous burden of implacationary cutback redemptional disparity in lieu thereof of a desperate attempt to consolidate, refine, establish, make right, take in hand, pull back, rein in, short circuit, abruptly halt, slam dunkenly, short shift, the insular mindset many many people have and continue to have without... Read More


I was thinking again recently. Although some love advisory persons would say that like love itself, recently thinking, as opposed to up to date minute minutes, may not have the encompassing soft cushion feel love inspires between a couple who truly love each other for better or curse. The sad curse being, time limitation is not for the better. I'm Prof.En Lighten.My book 'Love is for the needy not the greedy' sold out within minutes. Do you know why? Because people do not spend the time nor do they want to, to look at their partner in a new light. A case indeed of little... Read More

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Porn causes impotence? RIGINAL.

Watching porn is an outlet for sexual desire. Those who lack courage to venture into new avenues and those who are willing to do certain ugly things; however, in reality they are not willing to do things on account of social stigma, develops the habit...


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She loves me...she loves me knot. RIGINAL.

been told to act my age and wake up to myself Ian...when a woman is infatuated with a man that's a cover up for,"i'm in love with you Ralph..." :>) She just doesn't know it yet. :>) I'm a very sensitive man...:>) Men get dust in their eyes too...