Saturday, February 23, 2019

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By AnaG

Nowadays men are very into fashion and some of them are becoming more interested in the accessories they are wearing even more than their ladies. When it comes to wedding planning, grooms are involved in every step of it including Wedding Marquee Hire. When it comes to choosing wedding bands, usually they are the ones who make the final decision. This doesn't mean that you can't "help'' your man to chose the right is still a ladies thing, right?

While more and more brides are choosing gemstone wedding rings, grooms are getting in on this great wedding trend as well.... Read More

To impress a girl is quite an endeavor. To impress your girl who walks by your side as if your pride, is something more than an attempt. It's a love induced notion to make her happy, for every guy wants his girl to blush and giggle, radiate of happiness and pout out heartful laughs every now and then, once in a while. That's love and the essence of it that lovers all over the world live and breathe - an effortless effort to understand their partner, making an attempt as if conjuring a reflex, making their better half happy, as if it was all natural, as if the mere presence of one was enough... Read More


To hell with it, don't believe love makes the world go round. If it did the earth's axis would be co-joined cupids working up sweaty brows and bowed over with sore backs and wrists firing arrows dipped in heart melt attraction. Anyway not going rain on anyone's parade who has fallen in love recent or has been infected and not in a hurry for a cure for reasons only known between two lovers.

Sick of reading how to upgrade to the latest 'must have' electronic miracle and the ongoing ads flogging a life of investment fruition garnered that... Read More

Why Choose Eternity Bands?

There is always a certain movement involved with the ring and if there is more than one ring, then the problem is compounded. Fusing the rings may stop them for intertwining but they still twist and turn and that causes problems too.

Eternity bands eliminate the problem altogether. During winter, engagement rings get caught inside gloves and taking jewelry off while wearing gloves is a pain. People have also complained that they get bruised and cut because their ring gets knocked back in the finger.

The Decision of Buying Eternity Bands

Once... Read More

By AnaG

Who doesn't want a perfect and unique wedding, right? But planning it involves endless stress, family drama, deadlines and way too much details. But on the other hand, you (should) always remember just the good...and funny things! You just won't believe how much fun planning a wedding can be! That’s why we revealed the fun facts behind all the wedding planning steps to help you make the most of it! Yes, these are the facts you won't read in the magazine guides and checklists but they will certainly help you to overcome all the stress...and „always look on the bright side of life“!

STEP... Read More

One and all have some special dreams for their wedding and leave no stone unturned to make those come true. While talking about the perfection in any marriage ceremony, several elements play their vital roles. Wedding card, being one of those elements has high significance and it must be prioritized accordingly. While talking about India, although several traditional styles of invitations have been used since years, but latest patterns and designs are also on boom these days. Many latest & unique style designs of Indian wedding cards are becoming popular among several chic and stylish couples... Read More

She takes care of you, your family and your entire family. You can freely to go out for your work because you know that she is there at home to fulfill all the various responsibilities. She remains awake till late at night till you return home so that you can get your food and her responsibilities again start early morning next day so that you do not get late for your office.

When she does so many things for you, there cannot be any other special day than the Valentine’s Day to thank her, to thank your wife for being in your life.

Do you remember when was the last time when you... Read More

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