Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Once upon a rattlesnake...are you listening or are you too busy telling your kids that if they don't desist misbehaving Santa's Sleigh will not stop instead Santa will just float alone straight past your house? Truth be known folks, unbeknown to the tiny tots, you'll have to float a loan to buy them their stocking fills anyway? I never had Spiderman climbing my mud hut walls when i was a kid...and i turned out near normal! Of course i webbed a bit. And i'll probably throw a tantrum again this year it just isn't fair. It just isn't fair and i hate you grownups. Just like... Read More


Honestly! The next time someone goes "psssst!" i'm going to turn a blind ear. Mate of mine went to jail for inventing and inciting 'Joyce' to blow up the D neighbor's car.Everything would have been okay except HE was in it at the time with Ms do-gooder. Let me explain. Max is/was an inventor of sorts, he is actually a genius. Max invented a woman that let a man stay out all night, get drunk as a skunk,go out with whomever he likes even though he's married, doesn't bitch or complain, everything a man could want-that a normal self- respecting... Read More

Humor is a very powerful tool in human relationships. We have to admit that we all like to have around us funny people who can make us laugh. They are like magnets.

Moreover, different scientist have proven that laughter has multiple benefits on our health, so there's no reason why we shouldn't laugh, or just smile, more often. And how can we do that? It's pretty simple: going out with our friends and enjoying ourselves, reading jokes on the Internet or simply looking at some hilarious pics with cute animals or babies or whatever attract us.

Studies have shown that laughing out... Read More

Ruff Ralph the Dog Trainer. RIGINAL.

Ruff Ralph the DT. Now before you go A.W.O.L. Let's go train that damn insolent pooch pup or kinky Bull Mastiff that ate the neighbor's fence car garage then as an after wood metal brunch...the neighbors. Forget about the neighbors. Two less people to give a xmas card to.

First clean your dog's teeth. Neighbor afterbreath is something awful. You can purchase "my crazy dog just ate the neighbor's after dinner mints on my R R site under 'bad bad doggie breath' www.spotcan run dot com. ru listening?

Okay,call Brutus. Unsaddle him remove... Read More


"All day all night Mary Anne,down by the seaside siftin' sand"...(further into the song) "Mary Anne oh Mary Anne oh won't you marry me...?" Now,what would be the point in marrying Mary Anne...even if she had a concrete sand contract with the sandman who incidently runs a dual "sandman/bring me a dream sideline"? As the song states, "all day all night...siftin' sand." Unless Mary owned a commercially viable sand pit complete with night floodlights for the purpose of illumination enabling a 24 hour business to be implemented. Personally i have no truck with it,hope... Read More


It was the year 2040. There was no fuel source left of any kind. People were getting very upset. Wars were put on the non-back burner.You see without propulsion of sorts it was nigh impossible to stage a decent war.. I mean you try picking up a missile by hand and throwing it at another nation. It was very tiring for the 100 people who manhandled one for thousands of miles to drop on someone they thought they hated only to find that the fool in charge of the igniter had left it behind on his non-fuelled barbeque. When the people they thought... Read More

PHILOSOPHY for the beginner. RIGINAL.

Hi! Prof. Phil at your curvature.Glad you could spine/spend some time to lay about. Bout the only lay you have left to spend no doubt. We all fall down. If we didn't the situation would border on gravitational rejection. Then i would have to say HIGH! again. Many of my followers come to me deeply troubled. They leave my lectures in much the same frame of mind.

They ask me questions only King Solomon would answer,if he could,but he's dead so therefore he can't and couldn't if he were alive as he didn't have an iphone so wouldn't. Me Phone no,not... Read More

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