Friday, February 22, 2019

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As we all know, the MMORPG games are the most popular games in the world. In this article, I want to introduce the top five MMORPGs in the world.

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft was created in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. When it was released, it got world widely welcomed. There is no doubt in the past few years, it is the game that attracts most of players from all over the world. And it has the most players than any other games. Since Blizzard continue to improve the game and make new features in it. It doesn't take long time to see a new expansion from world of warcraft.... Read More

I have played DFO since three years ago, and I’d like to share my experience of being DFO Battle Mage and Teana. Sorry for length, thoughts I've collected since I first started playing. Getting a chance to be heard is more than enough for me really (rather embarrassing for some reason). All IMO encase it needs to be stated for anyone.

Battle Mage - Utilization of chasers for more than trowing and transforming into Teana; more magic skills using chasers as a cost. Convert them into a number of weapons that feed on chasers over time and changing the X move set. Visible buffs from consuming... Read More

Experienced players must know that there are upgrade for DFO colorful items. If you are newbies of DFO, you should know some common sense of DFO materials. Below are some tips for beginners about DFO materials/items.

Tip #1: Do Towers after finishing Fatigue!

If you have played DFO, towers are special dungeons that you can do . These dungeons don't need Fatigue but it limits the items that allow players to enter. If you have exp, you are allowed to many places for staying ahead of the game.

In the third part, I will specifically introduce the single Tower and other special... Read More

If you are looking for game guide about how to farm FFXIV Gil, this guide is definitely helpful for you. Some ways are for new player and some for skilled players. Some ways are just to sell items and some need to fight with monsters. No matter which way you want, you can find an appropriate way for you to get millions of FFXIV Gold efficiently.

If you have good items, you can sell crystal shards and some quality gear piece check for ones that require x5, x6, x0, or x1 level) and whatever special treasure your retainer brings back once in a blue moon as a combination. If you... Read More


Talking to a woman, thin, tight leather pants, fashionable fluffy white top, well manicured, self assured, not beautiful by certain standards but then her personality in my opinion, made up for what- in some people's eyes-was lacking.Maybe 65, has a knockout blonde daughter very intelligent, D works in the T.A.B, (horse racing/ rigging? room).

Mum is a primary school Principal. Former teacher i would hazard a guess. Teaching/taming? young hazards? Extremely intelligent, softly spoken. She was sitting on her favorite slot. See a lot... Read More

Italian gaming operator SISAL has gone live with a new suite of mobile casino slot games in collaboration with developer Game360.

SISAL players will now have access to range of mobile slots for smartphones and tablet devices on iOS and Android platforms.

The suite of games has been rolled out under the Fantasy Slot app on It a native app which has been built using Game360’s casino platform 360 CASINO, and can be downloaded from Apple Store.

SISAL’s online gaming manager Marco Tiso said: “We are very pleased with this partnership which allows us to further expand... Read More

Gamenet launches two new proposals for mobile casino realized in collaboration with Game360 the market leader software provider for online and mobile gaming in Italy. The two new apps are available for iOS and Android, one is dedicated to table games, the other one includes several slots for smartphones and tablets.

Gamenet is focusing on mobile technology, as the Italian market is constantly growing from smartphones and tablets access (the latest Audiweb* survey (March 2014) reports more than 37% of online access exclusively through mobile devices in Italy).

One year after the... Read More

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