Thursday, February 21, 2019

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The California Department of Insurance has been stern and tracking down the fraudulent cases like staged automobile accidents and fraudulent vehicle vandalism. Such cases have been widely reported all across the U.S. Incidents of car-break-ins are rampant and the police are doing their best to curb the activity. Still, if a person becomes a victim of car vandalism, the owner can be compensated for the damage, provided he has comprehensive auto insurance. This insurance is different from standard car insurance. Physical damage to the vehicle due to fire, storm, flood, accidents involving collisions... Read More

Toolmaking or tool designing is one of the more meticulous and laborious processes used in the manufacturing industry of Australia. While this process has been used since time immemorial, the gravity of the work involved in accomplish such process never gets any easier as it requires numerous man-hours and toolmakers’ creativity and commitment.

Manufacturing companies that are in constant need of toolmakers or tool designers should only entrust their investments to qualified and experienced professionals. Since there are many toolmakers in Australia, any business in need of tool designing... Read More

Middle East’s largest terminal operator set to exceed current growth targets Expands 2013 operations by 50 percent

Gulftainer, the largest terminal operator in the Middle East by number of terminals operated, expanded its operations by 50 percent in 2013 with increased investments in overseas interests and operations.

During the course of the year, Gulftainer accomplished a significant throughput of 6 million TEUs at its terminals. This achievement reinforces Gulftainer’s position as one of the leading operators in the Middle East and supports its goal of handling 18 million TEUs and... Read More

New and innovative ways to advertise products are invented every day. Daily-use products that cross people’s eye are slowly catching advertisers’ attention. Along with the advantage of grabbing a great amount of attention every day, these new modes of advertisements also meet the budgetary requirements. A customer today is surrounded with shouting and ‘hungry for attention’ promotional ads. From the time you pick your newspaper from your porch to catching the bus to work, you come across a lot of ads that are competing with each other to grasp your attention.

Products don’t get sold... Read More

Gulftainer awarded 35-year concession of Port Canaveral’s container and cargo terminal in Florida

·Growth is in line with Gulftainer’s vision to expand to 35 terminals in five continents by 2020

·New terminal is expected to contribute more than US$630 million to the local economy of Florida

Gulftainer, a subsidiary of Crescent Enterprises and one of the world’s largest privately owned port management and logistics companies, today marked its expansion into the USA, as part of its strategic vision to operate 35 terminals in five continents by 2020.

Gulftainer secured... Read More

It is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friends. It is the beauty of the gem, which shines in woman’s eyes and allures them completely. It is the most precious thing she desires and there are ready-made designs available in diamonds which comes in attractive quality to make the finest choice. Whether it is a diamond ring, neck piece, bracelet, earrings, etc. the wholesale loose diamonds has everything to attract one’s attention. One can customize and make it look unique. They can prefer to design it in a spellbound manner.

The popularity of loose demands:

The loose diamonds... Read More

A roof is one of the most important features of a building. It offers protection as well as support to the building structure. It would be great if this essential part of the building can help one save energy, as well as money. This is exactly what a cool roof does!

Wherever the location of your commercial office space is, typical urban problems such as pollution, increased energy costs, and adverse effects on employee health due to poor indoor air quality can eventually impact your business. Although many people overlook this, installing a cool roof can actually help your business a... Read More

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