Friday, February 22, 2019

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Bhuramal Rajmal Surana Johuree, one of the leading jewellery brands in India proudly presented this season’s bridal jewellery line at an exhibition held at Vaibhav plaza, from 27th to 39th November 2014. The exhibition displayed a marvelous range in wedding jewellery for both traditional and modern bride-grooms who wish to indulge into luxurious line of timeless creations in Diamond, Kundan, Jadau and Meenakari.

Bhuramal Rajmal Surana Johuree is one of the oldest pioneers to preserve the dying art of jewelry making, a form that was rampant once-upon-a-time in ancient royal Rajasthan.... Read More

For some homeowners selecting a granite dimension or color can be slightly difficult decision. As granite is available in wide range of colors, from blue to dark black to brown and also in reds and greens, you can get confused regarding which color to choose. There is a need to initially analyze the color of the existing cabinets and flooring and later choose a color which will either contrast or compliment with them. In a typical scenario, the designers most commonly recommend opting for dark granite color if the existing cabinets have lighter color cabinets.

Customers can choose lighter... Read More

Britain has embarked on an ambitious plan to help its economy grow sustainably. This is being done by drafting new policies in response to the recession that happened a while back. These policies are meant to put the UK on a path to responsible recovery.

New Tax Incentives

George Osborne, the UK chancellor, said that Britain was going to introduce new tax incentives that involve new tax relief for investment that engage in social enterprises. Britain becomes among the first countries to come up with such tax rules and sets the stage for it to grow economically. In addition to... Read More

Petroleum and Diesel have been in use since a long time with multiple purposes and are the backbone of the automobile industry. We are constantly looking for alternative fuels which could help reduce their consumption and hence its costs as well. This seems to be a hard task as people are not aware how to produce excellent quality fuel at minimal costs. But one can create good quality fuel from waste vegetable oil (WVO) using WVO filters.


Biodiesel is a viable alternate and it is cheaper than petrol. It is an excellent alternative to petroleum which could run any diesel engine.... Read More

Did you know that the concept of auctioning can be traced all of the way back to 500 B.C.? Auctions are absolutely the best way to get a product of your choice within your budget. Many people even sell their prized vehicles through auto auctions. However, the concept of an auto auction is comparatively new as it first started happening in the 1930’s.

Online auctions started around the year 2000. Such auctions gave the buyers the opportunity to bid on products from anywhere in the world. Auctions are great for industry leaders, business owners and people who take a lot of business trips.... Read More

The Family Law Solicitors Essex specializes in all areas of family law. When any couple undergoes dissolution and divorce, then it is included often as financial provision and termed as maintenance, property claims, capital and pensions. Most prominently the living and care arrangements for the children of the couple is also considered. Family law solicitors need to have good skilled advice, should be able to represent and guide the couples as there are disputes developing when there is a breakdown in the relationship. At family law solicitors at Essex, they recognize that relationship breakdowns... Read More

When the cost to repair a car is more than what it’s worth, the car is considered a liability by insurers. In this case, they approach the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get a salvage title on the car. If you are browsing through car ads and come across an affordable salvage Mitsubishi Eclipse for sale, it could be a great deal that you should consider. However, it will be a better option to look for a company that has sold salvage cars for years to different clients. Your best bet is to search online for a trusted salvage auto auction website. To buy a salvage Mitsubishi eclipse car,... Read More

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