Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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The world is shrinking to mobiles, every day a great addition to mobile app usage and people using a mobile device to get access through the internet. So, if you're planning to design or develop a new website, always take into account how your website looks on your mobile. From the browser capacity to broadband each element is necessary for the well-functioned website. However, with the advancement in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript the revolution has evolved once again and created this unique Website Design, naming "Pageless Website Design".

This vibrant type of websites bears full information... Read More

The ever-increasing complexity of systems, technologies, and processes put a strain on traditional approaches to delivering software products. Even within the same project, teams often worked in isolation, with broken communication lines and no shared focus on the end result.

To deal with these challenges, a new methodology — DevOps — emerged on the scene. Designed to remove barriers between developers and operations teams, DevOps promotes collaboration, improves deployment process, and enables continuous delivery of value.

Fostering a DevOps culture within your organization... Read More

The advent of the Internet has transformed the way people communicate globally and this pertains not only to the traditional way people connect through the web by means of screen-enabled computing devices. Telephony is yet another domain that has been revolutionized by web technologies, in particular by those using VoIP (a protocol allowing to make calls by converting audio, transmitting it through the Internet at whatever distance, and converting it back to audio).

Internet bandwidth has been increasing progressively over the last decades, enabling more and more data... Read More

Whatever be the nature of the business you own, we are quite sure about the fact that you heard about Facebook, and also Facebook likes. There are so many things that we get to learn through it. But many are not aware of the fact that this social media platform is a wonderful destination to get new clients for your business. It is also a fantastic platform for holding back the current customers, and for doing interaction with the existing, new, as well as potential customers. What we said so far about Facebook is completely true, but only when you are using the platform in the right way. If... Read More

“Be fearful when the markets are greedy and be greedy when the markets are fearful” " is a well-known expression by an unbelievable financial investor is superbly fitting in the in the volatile market situation. No one can guarantee that the market will always remain at the same position; it may soar or fall and continue to twist and turn in much increasingly new and surprising ways.

As it is known by each financial investor that it's difficult to ensure yourself in a volatile market as the stock market is never steady. Each investment conveys its own component of risk... Read More

Leading a product successfully from conception up to completion is not an easy job and that is why product managers merit their own toolkit. Product executives in the past had limited resources to assist them to do their job competently. They relied on traditional methods such as presentation decks and spreadsheets to capture ideas, create roadmaps, define requirements and prioritize features. The problem with these tools is that they were not created with product managers in mind making their work time-consuming. Modern product executives like Ethan Stiles have a wide variety of tools at... Read More

A Logo and a video are two essential things every business needs, to stand apart in a crowded market. Where logo introduces your company and solidifies into the mind of your audience, video content will account for 80% online traffic. (According to Forbes).

Today, there are many creative solutions and tools that can help you with both video and logo making. There are even websites that keep you updated with the latest trends in logo and video making.

In this post, we are going to shed light on the importance of video and logo making along with 10 creative solutions for video... Read More

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