Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Many people around the world leave their homeland to settle overseas due to the tax reasons. Fluctuation in the taxes has led many people to move their home countries and relocate to a foreign land.

Some people have driven away due to discussions going on in the European countries about the increase in the income taxes and some due to the dissipation of their right of privacy caused by controlling the finances of the private persons.Hence most people chose to move away from their home countries and settle in the foreign land.

One of the primary reasons for relocation is to live... Read More

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Portugal might not be the first country you think about when it comes to relaxed laws on drugs, but the country decriminalised drugs back in 2001, and unlike the punitive system that we have here in the UK, it’s actually working.

Whereas here, we’re seeing people turning psychotic after developing an addiction to spice, harmless people who are in pain being interrogated and sometimes even criminalised for smoking cannabis and a soaring drug-related death rate, in Portugal the opposite has been happening.

Since drugs were decriminalised there, which is not... Read More

Regardless of age, it is vital that your child has all the equipment necessary to start the school year on the right foot. This includes items like a stationery kit, files and folders, a memory stick and a diary.

The new school year is nearly upon us, so now is the time for parents to start preparing their children for the start of term. Starting a new school year is a big deal, and it is a great opportunity for kids to start fresh and get the year off to a great start.

For your child to hit the ground running and start the school year well, it is essential that they have everything... Read More

Establishing a business involves a lot of thought and consideration. One of the main decisions is the one regarding the legal structure of the company. After making this weighty decision, you may be able to watch your business grow. Nothing beats this sense of achievement.

Obviously, it is important to get acquainted with the elements that feature each structure, and the aspects that distinguish the two.

This decision has implications for legal, tax and financial liabilities. It’s also crucial for the amount of paperwork you’ll have to make for setting up your business,... Read More

Be it from paycheck, investments or small business – irrespective of the source, everybody wants that their net worth goes up as it determines how much income your assets can generate at retirement. There are ample of things that can literally eat up your hard-earned dollars – for example, unexpected healthcare expenses, inflation and sudden car repairs. None of these are in your control. The one you can actually control is your taxes. You must think and properly chalk out avenues to curtail your tax bill well in advance.

Year-ending is imminent; the tax clock is ticking – but you still... Read More

A life in the US military isn’t quite like any other. From the day of your graduation ceremony, your day-to-day life is going to be characterize by frequent relocations, overseas deployments and occupation changes. One of the more little-known differences about a life in the military is your income tax. After joining the military, your tax return will be significantly different. Here are some helpful tips on how to handle it.

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The first thing you should know about military taxes is that if you’re deployed in a combat zone, you’ll have an automatic 180-day extension... Read More

"Hey! Did you just hear that sound? It's of nail biting. O' God!!! Gentleman, tell me, tell me, tell me about your first every experience of filing tax? Any advice or some tricky-gentle-tips? I so badly want them."

We have all grown up hearing our parents & the media complain about the headaches of tax season, a topic that most students are quick to ignore. But for most of working college students on the brink of adulthood, the exact time to start filing taxes is nearer than they wonder - now.

We have asked some universities experts to share some advices to make things easier... Read More

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