Friday, February 22, 2019

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Sealcoating is nothing but a protective coat on your pavement, driveway, or parking lot. It is a preventive measure that helps keeping the costly asphalt surface of your property devoid of dampness, water leakage, cracking up, oxidation, erosion, and so on. These problems are usually interconnected and thus timely maintenance is the key to deal with it.

Pavements, driveways, parking lots not just increase the value, offer functional purpose but add good looks to the property too. Maintenance of these is difficult unless you pump some resources into them, for example, covering the asphalt... Read More

For every property owner, it is very importance to pay attention to maintenance drive once in a while. Your property makes first impression on your potential clients of your business. Despite of this fact, some property owners do not pay heed to this fact and overlook dirty pavements, cracks, faded paints and potholes. Valuable customers notice everything about your business right from your parking lot to the interior office. Apart from office maintenance, you must take parking lot maintenance service regularly.

Parking lot is the first thing a customer notice of your business. Maintenance... Read More

Prepare Your Home

The first step to staying warm when cold weather hits is to get your home ready for winter. Start by closing off rooms you don't use and putting magnetic covers over the heat registers in closed off rooms. This keeps heated air only in the rooms you use. Weather strip and seal your windows, and lay rugs on wood and tile floors. Make sure windows that get direct sunlight are draft-free so you can keep curtains open to let in as much of its warmth as possible.

Use Your Kitchen's Heat

Bake a pie or slow-roast some meat, and let the warm and scented air circulate around... Read More

The Westhills lands encompass 209 hectares (517 acres) of rolling sloped lands, knolls, and rocky outcroppings and are located in the City of Langford. Originally comprised of two large parcels, the properties were held for decades by two local families. In 2006, the owners of the westernmost lands formed the Westhills Land Corporation (WLC) to develop the site. Westhills subsequently acquired the second parcel, which was already zoned for residential development and a lakeside pub.

By adapting these strategies to meet the unique requirements of the Westhills site, the developers have... Read More

The Mobile Website Builder is a boon for realtors in that it helps them launch single property websites with no fuss.The real estate website builder is easy to use and anyone can do it. However, realtors would rather focus on their business than spend time over creating websites. Such tasks are best left to web designers. Of course, a tech savvy realtor can install real estate website builder and create websites with the following features:

A mobile friendly website with a header area Below the header an image or slide show of the specific property for sale Details of the property below... Read More

Every New Year calls for resolutions. And if you’re a landlord, often this will involve feeling more in control of the huge problem of rent being paid on time.

You will want to approach the New Year with new ideas on how to ensure rent payments are kept up to date, and you aren’t lagging behind paying the mortgage or chasing tenants, which can cause friction and a breakdown in your relationship.

Nobody wants to have to turn nasty, bringing out the big guns with legal jargon, but sometimes it’s inevitable if tenants aren’t playing fairly and by the rules.

However, hopefully... Read More

Will the gains that the U.S. housing market made in 2012 and 2013 continue into 2014? As you’ll read below, the biggest threat to the housing market is moving in the opposite direction—against housing.

Sure, the Case-Shiller S&P Home Price Index, which tracks prices in the U.S. housing market, shows an overall increase of 13.6% in home prices in the first 10 months of 2013 (see the chart below).

But for growth in the housing market to continue, you need favorable market conditions for buyers. Unfortunately, the “favorable” conditions of 2011 through to 2013 are now becoming... Read More

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