Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Car has become a basic need of everyday life. It is your most reliable mean of travelling to cut off hassle and to save time. Apart from your car, you need to take care some of the points related to thecar insurance. In India, it is mandatory to take insurance for all the cars running on the public roads. This insurance should cover Third Party Liability which means any loss or damage to the third party done by your car will be compensated by the insurer.

With the car insurance, comes attractive offers and “No Claim Bonus” (NCB) is something that can really benefit you hugely. In order... Read More

Now-a-days market is flooded with many types of insurance plans. Among these plans, motor insurance plans are getting popular day by day. Millions of people love to commute through two wheelers as it reduces journey time while saving great on maintenance cost. Being a prized possession, two wheelers also can be insured. Two wheeler insurance comes with an option called Gap Insurance. Here, we are going to discuss the need of Gap Insurance for your two-wheeler in detail.

What Is ‘Gap Insurance’?

Gap insurance is a sort of motor insurance that car owners can opt to protect themselves... Read More

lThe term ‘Insurance’ is nothing new to anybody these days and no wonder there are plentiful examples of insurance companies around you as well. That’s the reason it has become much convenient for you to go to an insurance company direct and then buy an insurance policy. In fact, the existence of insurance brokers seems to be at stake as a consequence; even more, most of the people have a growing feeling that they have saved a lot of money while avoiding the insurance brokers. But, the fact is, customers often don’t pay attention certain aspects while giving those insurance brokers the cold... Read More

Whilst it has caused a lot of heartache for many, the post Brexit banking crash that many suggested hasn’t actually transpired. There has been a drop in the value of the pound, however there is still a lot going for the economy, and your pocket.

1) The FTSE 250 was said to have had its lowest drop in years. However this is only partially true. It did have the sharpest decline, but it was actually lower in 2016 in February than it was in June after the result of the vote came through. It is well on the road to recovery now and it is in line with its value between March and April 2015.... Read More

Much has been said about loans. Loan is a process of lending money to one individual, organization or entity to some other person, organization or entity. It is basically a kind of debt that is given by one party to another party at some fixed interest rate.

Depending upon various needs and requirements of individuals, these loans are provided by the banks. In fact, there are different types of loans that a person can go for. To select one for you, your organization, you certainly need to have clarity on what actually is available. Mentioned below are the types of loans offered by the... Read More

Does the fear of “financially unstable phase” worry you as the payment of approaching emergency services such as medical expenses, fees and bills is waiting to be paid?

We understand that you are completely broke and the world seems to literally cut themselves from you. Even your friends excuse themselves on the pretext of facing financial uncertainties themselves. All hell break loose and you are like “Oh My God”, what a disgusting, challenging and irritating phase, I have really turned in?

Well, on an optimistic note, such phases are short lived provided you don’t take too... Read More

For most entrepreneurs, the name of the game is positivity.

Rather than focusing on the negatives and “what-ifs,” we focus on how we can grow our businesses, envision our success and ultimately become the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can.

But what happens when reality rears its ugly head?

Here's the thing: even the most successful entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires, have the potential to squander their wealth. When we think of big-shots going broke, it's usually due to excessive spending: cars, clothes, mansions and vacations.

However, sometimes... Read More

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