Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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The trick with giveaways at events, conferences and tradeshows is you want to hand out things that people will use regularly. There’s little point in giving away, say, a branded set of barbecue tongs, because for the best part of the year they’re going to be kept unseen in the shed. That’s why certain giveaways, such as pens, calendars, diaries and bags, have retained such popularity - they are useful, so they have visibility, not just to the person who receives them, but others too. That’s the best form of marketing, one that continues to live on for months after the event.

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"OPPORTUNITIES IN TEXTILE INDUSTRY” was a recent seminar presented by ILEAD in collaboration with Federation of Hosiery Manufacturers Association of India (FOHMA) & West Bengal Ministry of Textile and MSME.

The seminar aimed at promoting entrepreneurship by sensitizing businessmen, working professionals, young students and existing textile industry businessmen and professionals on the various business opportunities and possibilities available today in Textile Industry. Broadly the topics were as follows

1.How to make Bengal an Export Hub

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Not that all entrepreneurs say this just to bag more customers, there are quite a few who genuinely vouch for environment friendly products. But they face problems when they are unable to execute their noble efforts of going green. So this post will give you some valuable inputs on how you can package your products and label them appropriately in the environment friendly way.

Packaging and Labeling Your Products

Sustainable product labels are a good way to package the products and there are several options to choose from. We present to you the options that would leave you confused... Read More

The great monetary expansion is still alive and well and the effect on equity securities continues to be profound.

But what I find striking about the stock market’s continued advancement is that it’s blue chips that are pushing through to new record highs.

Speculative fervor in several sectors has diminished, but hasn’t completely disappeared. But it’s the big brand-name companies—a lot of which pay dividends—that just keep on trucking as institutional investors buy earnings safety, and outlook reliability and are betting on revenue and earnings acceleration going into 2015.

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By Jems

The key to getting high quality auto insurance leads, it is clear, lies in taping at the auto cover purchase decision making points, and ensuring that you have a presence there.

In this day and age, for instance, most people shopping for auto insurance leads are opting to do so online - and for that reason, the Internet is one of the places to establish a presence at if you are looking for high quality auto cover leads. There are a number of things you can do to take advantage of these online auto insurance leads.

The first thing you can do towards getting the online auto cover... Read More

People with a knack for complex math and money management can find jobs that make use of their talents in the financial services sector. When it comes to careers in finance, there is wide range of positions at which mathematically-inclined applicants can excel. Before kicking off the job hunt, make a point of familiarizing yourself with some of the financial services sector’s most promising careers.


If you have a passion for crunching numbers, you’ll feel right at home in a company’s accounting department. In this capacity, you will be expected to meticulously review... Read More

By Jems

Ever tried fictionalize the business perception? Here, we tried to do that with the lead generation. Read on for an interesting viewpoint.

Some are kings; but only a few are king-makers. Read the two terms, ‘King’ and ‘King-makers’ in relation to businesses and revenue generators, respectively.

Kings : Businesses

Kings collect taxes from its people and provide safety and security with the promise of prosperity.

A kingdom is happy till the time its economy is strong under the kingship. Such an economy is achieved by a great environment for trade and transaction, making... Read More

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