Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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One of the most popular technical analysis approaches deals with moving averages. A moving average is a trend indicator plotted on the actual screen and considers various periods back in time. Applying the MA(20) on a chart it means that the last twenty candles/periods of that time frame will be used to plot the actual value of the moving average.

There are multiple types of moving averages: SMA (Simple Moving Average), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), DMA (Displaced Moving Average), etc., but they all show the same thing. A moving average’s purpose is to show support and resistance... Read More

If you want to get investments for your real estate business then you need to be realistic first. You will not get 100% financing. The most that you can expect is 80-85%, you need to come up with the remaining 15-20%. You can come up with the cash from your own finances or from your partners’ finances if you have partners.

If you are infusing cash into the business then you will be able to have full control of the business but when you get outside investment it means that you will have lesser control. Your profits will also diminish and you will be making profits based on your investment... Read More

Do you know why many Forex traders are unsuccessful and losing their money, though they have a solid strategy? It is only because of that, they are chasing the trades. It is the silliest mistakes in Forex yet very difficult to correct. If a trade is gone or the signal has changed, it cannot be pull back into the chart for the second time. You have placed your trades in the present and flow with the present trends of Forex. But many traders find it very difficult, they cannot accept that they have lost such a good signal. The result is they end up placing trades based on the foregone signal.... Read More

There are many traders in the forex market who want to become a millionaire in a short period of time. But trading can be extremely hard if you don’t know how to trade the market. Most of the novice trader in the forex market consider trading as a gets rich quick scheme. And this wrong thinking about the forex market leads them towards the path of financial loss. Some new traders often think that is it really possible to make money via forex trading. The simplex answer to this complex question is yes. You can truly make money by forex trading. But in order to make money by forex trading, you... Read More

The advanced technology is the best thing that people have been gifted with. If people are using the online trading account they can trade the Forex market easily (although there will be certain ups and downs). People assume that the Forex market is the ONLY place to create lots and lots of money. True, but still it cannot be done that simply. A successful trading system is the important factor of success. The trading methodology is the essence of the success. The modern technology can be the best tool to trade the market but it cannot be the ONLY way to trade the market. What is the connection... Read More

How many times it has happened to you that you walked into a small store ATM, withdrew the money and while coming back your eyes fell on a product in the store which you eventually bought. You had no plans to buy the product but just because you happened to see it, you bought it. Such things must have happened not once, but multiple times in your life, right? If you are nodding your head and thinking that this is a problem of your shopaholic habit, you are mistaken.

Studies show that people who have access to ATM machines tend to spend 25% more than those who do not have access to ATMs.... Read More

In recent times, the UK economy (and others in the Western world) have showcased incredible resilience in the fact of social, financial and geopolitical austerity. This robustness first presented itself in the wake of the Great Recession, while it is something that has defined the British economy over the course of a uniquely challenging 18 months.

Despite the uncertainty created by Brexit and the vague nature of Britain's exit plan from the EU, the nation's corporate finance chiefs remain more optimistic about the future than at any point in recent times. This confidence is also shared... Read More

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