Sunday, February 17, 2019

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My friend during psychiatry residency said, "You should consider pursuing SBIR funding?" I asked him, "What is SBIR?" With this article, I hope to succinctly answer that question and more importantly to explain why Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) is an excellent way for someone interested in the life sciences to fund an entrepreneurial interest. Once a life scientist establishes a small for-profit business, SBIR funds can support the creation of a technological solution to meet an unmet need in the life sciences.

What is SBIR?

SBIR is a component of all the primary... Read More

Index mutual funds are a favorite among investors as they offer a simple, diversified, low-fee, hands-off mode of stock market investing. And for a fledgling investor who’s just starting out in this big, scary industry, a little ease and stability is precisely what he/she needs. When you set out to purchase an index mutual fund, you will find lots of great options in a single package, and the best part is, you don’t have to purchase them individually. Moreover, as the funds hold every investment within a particular index – as opposed to an actively managed fund where a professional is paid... Read More

As any veteran stock trader knows, this type of investing is not for the weak-hearted. So let’s assume that you’re familiar with the P/E (price-earnings) ratio and that a lower ratio is better than a higher one. You know that companies with balance sheets filled with cash are far superior to those that are overly burdened with debt. You also know that you should diversify your investment portfolio across numerous sectors.

However, you should also view a stock analyst recommendations with skepticism. If you’ve studied a few other complex concepts, you might be ready to start picking stocks... Read More

The mutual fund industry is an entirely different universe of number games. Out of the many apparently promising schemes, choosing the best plan is nothing short of conquering a wild battle. Sometimes we taste victory, but mostly are crushed by the huge army of confusing options. But what actually is the solution to dissipate this dusty cloud of chaos that is choking us to death? Well, the answer is simply partnering up with Sundaram Mutual Fund, an asset management firm that is known for powering its products with intensity, integrity and intelligence, that are made to cater to the different... Read More

Most of the people get interested in investing in silver bullion. Once a person interviewed the owner of the company selling metals, and he asked about investment in silver. His answer was very astonishing, but it gave the person the direction of his next step. Yes, he suggested that investing in silver is the smartest step than investing in gold. The people who want to secure their future and does saving should invest in silver as it would give you benefits. However, you must know that there is no guarantee in any investment. You must have useful information about the market and the purpose... Read More

The background check is increasing with each passing day. Whether you be the person whose will undergo the process or the employer who is willing to see the background of the person before hiring, you need to be aware of what type of check is going on and what will be revealed in it. There are various types of inspections among which some are common, and some are not. Mostly, the employers use it for the verification of the stuff listed in the CV of a person.

Credit checks

This check is not universal when it comes to employment. However, it may come in handy when a process of... Read More

Whenever you are about to hire someone for your company, you must ensure that the person has a positive history. People want their companies to be as safe as possible, and they love to create a healthy environment. So, to keep things in right place, many countries require employers to proceed with some kind of background check before hiring a person. Among many screening processes, according to the position that you will be managing, the employer may ask a company for criminal records search. Here, we will list details about it.

What is a criminal record check?

The criminal record... Read More

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