Saturday, February 23, 2019

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At the fair this weekend, the person in front of me at a concession had their card declined because their account has been hacked four times this year. It was quite understandable to the clerk taking the purchase, “Several people have had that happen this year. The teller at the bank says best bets for safety are cash and personal check. Welcome back to the old days.”


One of the biggest things haunting us in this age is that to steal someone’s password is basically to steal their life. Card information is so easily obtained, it can be snatched out of the air. Literally,... Read More

New government policy means we’re now paying 5p for a plastic bag, in an effort to get us to use less and help the environment. It’s a fantastic idea, but it does slightly paint the plastic bag as the enemy, when in actual fact there are many advantages that polythene bags bring to the table. Here’s our top six list of the benefits of plastic bags.

Strong, efficient carriers

Polythene bags are lightweight, but strong and they do the heavy lifting for us. A bag that weighs six or seven grams can easily carry 6.5 kilograms which is approximately 1000 times its own weight!

... Read More

The insurance companies are fundamental foundations of every economy of the world, without them, many people could lose everything. Many people spend years working hard to buy their houses, business, and many other properties, those huge endeavors by many people must be protected.

In this world things happen every minute, from disasters to robberies, those catastrophes can attempt against people’ assets. Fortunately, there are hundreds of reliable companies engage with your properties and much more, offering you the possibility to give some real protection to your house, business and... Read More

There are a dozens of forex trading tools available in the market that you can use for your trading. These tools are absolutely free of cost. Here in this article some of the reliable and practical tools are discussed.

Forex calculator:

The forex calculator is also known as forex volatility calculator. As a stagnant forex pair offers a little profit, the traders need to be sure about which pairs are volatile and what are the active trading hours. This is really tough for the traders to calculate the volatility of the pairs, as there are a dozens of currency pairs traded in the... Read More

Only a few of you would be acquainted with the fact that there are numerous websites which pay you a good amount for performing simple tasks and that too from the comforts of your own home. Such websites provide services to variant verticals like software projects, entry jobs, add publishing, etc.

Amongst these websites, there are some websites where a user needs to register and then carry out a few surveys. These are referred as the Survey sites or Survey websites. Mostly these sites are only available to the residents of USA and Canada. However, there are a few websites which the users... Read More

Many major finance companies and banks in Singapore confront a rather constricted position at this turn of the century, where they compensate by cutting down their workforce. These include big names like Barclays and the Standard Chartered Bank. But in all pessimism and job fears that prevail, there are still certain blooming fields that are not just open to hire, but are actually well in demand. In all likelihood, the employees of these jobs are being offered lucrative hikes of as much as 22% per annum, according to report by Randstad, a major recruiting firm. Skilled employees in these 10... Read More

The research shows that 88% employees are not interested in work and lack passion and commitments when they come to the office. Even the employees working in senior positions and managerial posts have been found complaining that they don’t have the right leaderships and bosses. Despite all these facts and sorry-states, the employees often come up with lame excuses when they take a day-off. Here the post aims are articulating few such primary cause for employees’ leaves and lastly we would empower the bosses to figure out whether the employees are genuine in their stance or something else... Read More

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