Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Developing a website is not only about increasing traffic but also about increasing the performance. Talking about increasing the performance of a website, you need to support it with a VPS server. There are several benefits your website can get when it uses VPS server service.

Improve the Performance of Your Website

The main benefit of using this type of service is that you are able to improve the performance of your website fast along with the efficient upgrade. Interestingly, the website will get more than just great performance. Let say, you are about to control your... Read More

A web host plays an important role in the overall performance of your website. Therefore, choosing the right hosting plan is essential for the success of your website and your business. With the number of hosting plans available like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting, etc., finding the one that best suits your business can be an overwhelming task. Having said this, most site owners approach this in the wrong manner – they look at the features and benefits of all hosting types and then try to choose one that gives them the maximum ‘bang for the buck’. Many... Read More

LinkedIn is the biggest social networking platform for all kind of professionals. On Monday, LinkedIn- the business social network that operates as an independent subsidiary of Microsoft has acquired Glint, a company that deals in employee engagement and helps people in organizations do their best work, develop their skills and improves the business results. This news made headlines on the social media as well in leading newspapers.

What is the meaning of this acquisition? The acquisition is expected to shut-down during the second fiscal quarter of 2019 which ends December 31.

... Read More

Chatting was one of the first activities online users enjoyed. It hasn't fallen out of favor as internet users leave their desktops behind for smartphones and tablets. Three-quarters of mobile users prefer communicating via instant message apps

over more traditional communication tools like email. With chatting unlikely to go out of style, creating a chat app is a smart investment for any organization. These tips can help any business create the best chat app.

Make It Instant

Image via Flickr by William Hook

The best form of communication has always... Read More

If not, here’s a basic summary: when a stock or commodity is going through volatile fluctuations, the support level is the lowest it will drop before rebound. Resistance represents the high value that the investment hits before dropping down again.

In the past few years, with big tech companies like Spotify and Snapchat going public, we’ve seen how much a huge company’s stock can flop around like a fish before finding consistent resistance and support. While getting in on an exciting tech IPO (initial public offering) can be exciting, it can also be extremely tough on the nerves.... Read More

Cryptocurrency is making a wave of impact all around the globe. Companies are investing in them. This has led to a constant evolution of blockchain. Now, it is not just about finance, nor it is a thorough work of technology. So, you need an expert in finance with a decent know how of technology or vice versa. You being a core finance person or a core technology person suffices just half of the requirement. Companies, too are in an active look out for people who are experts in block chain. Now, you have spent a few years in crypto currency and have a knack for it. Going for blockchain certifications... Read More

Modern web design is a relative phrase. While some people might think that any site designed in 2010 is modern, web design experts have seen many new changes over the last one year, and according to them, anything pre-2018 is outdated.

Gone are the days when sites used to be all fancy. Today, web design experts are focusing more on the site’s functionality and usability. After all, a more functional site can help generate more leads and increase conversions. Here are the six crucial elements of website design that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Speed optimization

Optimal... Read More

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