Saturday, February 23, 2019

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The Times of India (Bhopal Edition) created a record of sorts on 10th October last by printing ads mostly of full page on more than seventeen and a half of its 32 pages. First 10 pages were nothing but full page ads. One had to wade through these pages to look for the news on the front page. In fact the Times of India is guilty of dispensing with the concept of “front page” of a newspaper. You do not hear the term “making front page news” these days as there is hardly any front page – at least not in The Times of India.

Ever since the print media was commercialized news, i.e. objective... Read More

To grow your business, you must have planned up for new hiring but have you planned how the process should go ahead in terms of recruitment? If not, then certainly it is high time for you to take the action on time. With so many new types of assessment platforms coming across, if you choose the right one that can help you do instant hiring, you will of course gain better results and that is why, here are some quick tips that can help you in hiring. Understand the fact that it is not just technical skills but also the communication and personality part of an individual that needs to be assessed.... Read More

The ongoing Indian Premier League Season 11 (IPL11) has a few more days to run; the final is going to be played on 27th May. So far it has been an interesting tournament with the fancied teams going down and some not-quite-fancied ones doing well. For instance, Bangalore Royal Challengers, a fancied team with the likes of Virat Kohli and A B De Villiers, are virtually scraping the bottom of the table this season along with Mumbai Indians. On the other hand, the non-fancied Sun Risers Hyderabad, from which much was not expected, was doing well by topping the points table.

One can see... Read More

The prices of college textbooks are increasing continuously and it's a big problem for a large number of students. For acquiring the needs of their study, students need a pretty large amount of money for textbooks and sometimes it's the obstacle to their education. But don't be a worry, now there is a good solution for this problem is available and this is college textbooks rent, buy and sell.

You can rent the books which you need for a short time. It is a good solution if you are looking for some books only to complete your assignments or project. Moreover, the best way to get your... Read More

Have you ever felt perplexed while preparing a complicated essay paper? Right now you're possibly nodding your head in exasperation after reading this. But there's no escaping the truth that as you move up the ladder of the different academic level, your essays just get more and more complex.

While you may not have much of choice in the matter and you can't skip it, but you can definitely choose to simplify the whole process of preparing a complex paper. So presented below are some insightful tips you must consider when you get down to writing your essay.

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Essays are a rather common form of an academic requirement that students have to present throughout the span of their academic career. However, even with much practice, some students fumble while writing an essay paper, and often struggle to find the right topics to work with.

Since picking a suitable essay topic only adds to the credibility of the essay paper, we will talk about some impactful essay topics that will guarantee straight As. However, before that let’s look into some quick tips to choose a relevant topic that the custom writing experts also recommend.

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There are students who find themselves under stress because of various classes that they have to take, and to submit essay writing assignments on a daily basis. No matter what your case is, essay writing is a time-consuming job, and most of the students find it quite tedious.

Students need assistance for essay writing, as it can help them complete their essays with ease and determination. There are too many students who like to get advantage from the facility of Type My Essay 4 Me services as these services fulfill their promises. Here are five simple steps that can aid... Read More

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Why do Students need to write Essays at College?

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