Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Our record since colonisation is not good and we now live with the legacy of our land, water and human settlement management practices.

With leadership, application and the implementation of sound environmental policies we can and should be working to remedy this legacy. Strategic policy development and implementation will generate solutions.

My report reflects the fact that the task is vast and the need urgent. Report after report tells us to... Read More

The mining industry around the globe has been showing some signs of recovery. According to CNN, the Metals & Mining Index has bounced about 10% since the beginning of July as a result of the unexpected increase in China’s exports which in turn led to a rise in demand for commodities. As emerging countries such as China continue to grow, it should help raise prices for mining companies. Here are some basics to know prior to investing in the mining industry.

Where to Invest

Compared to countries with political and economic instability, the US offers a stable investment climate... Read More

Steel buildings that have been created with more durable materials can provide a number of important ecological and environmental benefits. More durable construction means that fewer resources will be needed in terms of long-term maintenance or a premature replacement. The resources and materials needed to conduct repairs or perform routine upkeep on structures that have not been designed for long-term use may make a far greater environmental impact than you may have expected. Structures that have been built to last and that make use of a simpler and more durable design offer a more sustainable... Read More

Adventurers have stumbled across a cave so enormous that it has its own weather system, complete with wispy clouds and lingering fog inside vast caverns. A team of expert cavers and photographers have been exploring the vast cave system in the Chongquing province of China and have taken the first-ever photographs of the natural wonder. They were amazed to discover the entrance to the hidden Er Wang Dong cave system and were stunned when they managed to climb inside to see a space so large that it can contain a cloud.

The view from a small window in the wall of the vast Niubizi Tian Keng... Read More


A virus similar to measles in humans is being blamed for the deaths of hundreds of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

Experts at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say the Morbillivirus infects the lungs and the brain, causes pneumonia and abnormal behaviour, and is often fatal.

The outbreak has killed 333 bottlenose dolphins in the mid-Atlantic region since July, and may last for a year, possibly being worse than an outbreak 25 years ago which killed more than 740 animals.

Teri Rowles of the NOAA Fisheries Marine Mammal Health... Read More

Sinkhole Near Disney World Topples Building People staying in the Florida holiday resort apartments are evacuated as the block starts popping and cracking.

More sink holes, this time near Disney World, these things are starting to really pop up all over the world. I know what causes them, and if only a few had happened I would say no big deal. But this is happening time and time again. What is causing the Earth to loosen and cause all these holes? It is a Global issue this and one that just is not going away.

Emergency teams had arrived at the scene about 10 miles west of Disney World... Read More

Is Mother nature not just something? This is mind blowing stunning!! I had to share


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