Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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The industry, small, medium or large plays an important role in any of the world economies. Although, the industry is one of the key drivers of an economy, the impact of the industry on the natural environment is immense. One of the major offshoots of the development of industry is the pollution of various forms. The combustion of the different raw materials results in the emissions of gases into the atmosphere which many a times have hazardous effects on the human beings and the other living creatures in the ecosystem. Addressing these critical needs emerged the invention of briquette machine... Read More

With the changes in socio-economic conditions, city structures and the environment, the scope of sewage management has also evolved and changed. And over the last few years, it has become more well-planned and effective. Its efficacy is particularly essential because sewage water management improves environment by enabling proper drainage and disposal of waste, it also prevents floods through removal of rainwater and preserves receiving water quality. This is ensured through sanitary sewer systems, combined sewer systems, municipal sewer systems and wastewater treatment, the process of which... Read More

Whether in South Africa or in India poaching of rhinos has assumed alarming levels. In South Africa, which has the largest population of rhinos and which is an important country for their conservation, poaching has reached a crisis point so much so that if the killings continue at the current rate, it is estimated, the species could be pushed close to extinction. In 2014 as many as 1215 rhinos were killed and the South African Department of Environment calculated that that amounted to poaching of one rhino every 8 hours.

In the African Continent poaching of what are known as Black Rhinos... Read More

Big Market Research, Global Artificial Lift System Market Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Product type, Applications, Component, End User, Geography, Demand, Insights, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 – 2020

Report Overview

Artificial lift is a system used to increase the oil production from the oil reservoirs. Artificial lift comprises of the various components such as pump, motor, pump jack, drivehead etc. The integration of components form the artificial lift system. These are used to extract the oil from lowest depths of the reservoir to the surface level. Depleted... Read More

A lot of cheer has been brought to tiger and wildlife lovers by the latest Tiger Census conducted in late 2014. There seems to have been a revival in its numbers after the dismal count of 2006 when it had registered 1411 tigers. A marginal increase to 1706 was registered in 2011. In 2014, however, the growth was robust of around 30 per cent taking the tiger tally up to 2226. Singing paeans for the conservation efforts undertaken between the last two censuses, there is apparently an environment of backslapping among the tiger bureaucracy, the tiger NGOs as well as conservationists in general.

... Read More

ISO 14001 training in Singapore is a practical strength training. Face the fact that ISo 14001 systems of all kinds enterprise and engaged in environmental management and technical personnel. And environmental management system established to provide services for the enterprise consultants, but also as a certification body auditor to carry out the important resources of the environmental management system audit. ISO 14001 systems are introduced in the requirement of environmental protection laws and regulations, understand the main points and review key points, and so on, and give the enterprise... Read More

San Francisco, December 1, 2014 – Growth of herbicides industry is expected remain a major factor driving the global isoxaflutole demand over the forecast period. Increasing food demand on account of growing population, particularly in emerging markets of China, India and Brazil are expected to drive the demand for herbicides which in turn is expected to fuel the isoxaflutole market. Growing importance for quality and yield of crops is expected to further drive the market growth. Increasing intervention of European Food Safety Authority to promote the use of isoxaflutole in crops other than... Read More

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