Friday, February 22, 2019

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I have my own reasons. The urban centres are already very noisy and there does not seem to be any effort to control the excessive noise. I am an 80+ individual who has to suffer it right through the day and night and frequently the suffering is ­­­­­­­right through the week.

Living on the Ridge Road of the Idgah Hills at Bhopal nights and days are very seldom quiet. That the stray dog population has exponentially risen does not need any re-iteration. In our area they seem to be cooling off during the day and are out as soon as the sun goes down. Nights are for their dog-fights, snarling... Read More

Rama Chandra Guha, generally known as a historian but he is also a journalist, an environmentalist, a political commentator and a cricket historian, has compiled in a book (Penguine Books, Mkrishnan & Indian Wildlife) the articles of Late M Krishnan who has been described as a writer, an ecological patriot, a naturalist and a photographer. The book is very aptly titled “Nature’s spokesman”. It contains some of Krishnan’s columns that came out around fifty years ago in newspapers and periodicals. He used to write for The Statesman, The Hindu and various other periodicals.

While... Read More

One of these evolutions is the slow demise of paper money, as it is gradually replaced with electronic payment methods. But it turns out that, on the environmental level, new isn’t necessarily better. With the disappearance of the old-school banknote, comes a massive energy bill.

The cashless revolution is making slow but steady progress around the world, both developed and developing. As countries get more and more equipped with payment terminals and smartphones, customers naturally resort more and more to cashless payments. The ten most cashless countries in the world, which range... Read More

Many homeowners fail to realize that actually choosing a swimming pool builder to tackle your project is the toughest part of the whole process. You need to sort through the massive list of contractors in your local area, doing your best to pick the right one.

Here are our top 10 tips for helping you to get organized:

1.Compile a List

The first thing you need to do is find some local builders and review their websites. Browse their galleries, looking for styles and designs that appeal to you. Pick out a few contractors that you think can give you what you want and contact... Read More

People like us who are uninitiated and unversed in matters relating eco-system services rendered by tiger reserves could not have imagined that a detailed study as conducted by an Indo-Australian team would throw up such astounding results in regard to the benefits that accrue by saving tigers in their natural habitat. The Indo-Australian study team was headed by the distinguished professor Dr. Madhu Verma who is in the faculty of the renowned Indian Institute of Forest Management located in Bhopal. Perhaps the babus who work the environment or wildlife wings of various governments too would... Read More

Do you experience mold presence inside your home and worried to remove the molds effectively? Molds growth is a serious issue, but there is no need to worry, various mold professional and experts are offering effective mold removal services in North Miami. These experts of mold removal are fully trained, skilled and equipped with advanced tools and chemicals to give you best results.

Get professional Mold Removal Assistance:

If you suspect that molds are present inside your home, it's advisable to get professional help. This is because, if you do it by yourself it can leave damaging... Read More

Do you feel any bad odor inside your home or your home expose through a water damage or any other clue which tells you that you have mold present inside your home? In this case, you should get immediate assistance from mold inspection and testing specialists. In Fort Lauderdale, mold growth is a big problem faced by the residents, but don't worry, for the help of you various mold experts are working efficiently.

Adverse Effects of Mold Presence:

Mold can have adverse implications for the health of the residents, and it may also affect the property as well. If you can't see the... Read More

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