Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Last season, I wrote about how I thought ABC’s Dancing With the Stars might have jumped the shark as it were with the inclusion of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak. Then, just when it seemed that things could not have possibly gotten any worse – they did.

Season Nine, which kicks off September 21 in a 3-night extravaganza, has the largest cast thus far – 16 celebrities who obviously didn’t have anything better to do between now and Thanksgiving. This is twice the number of contestants as the show had when it began and this season, host Tom Bergeron has... Read More

I don't watch shows like The Hills on TV. Yet I can't help but know who Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge and Heidi Montag are. They are twenty-somethings living in Los Angeles trying to make it on their own. This information, of course, is courtesy of the myriad gossip magazines that adorn the endcaps and checkout stands of every Wal-Mart I shop.

But last night, for some reason -- perhaps the lack of anything worth watching being on (remember, I'll sit and watch golf for cryin' out loud, so you know I had to be bored!) -- I actually suffered my way through the "episode" of The Hills... Read More

Face it, this sort of thing happens to almost every television series we've ever loved. It's called "jumping the shark".

Jumping the Shark is a term that harkens back to the famous episode of Happy Days where Fonzie literally rides his motorcycle in a stunt involving him jumping over a shark tank. From that point on, the series basically went down hill. The episode was so devastating to Happy Days that its plot became synonymous with that point in a TV series' life when it is gasping its last breath to stay on the air so it features something that is supposed to... Read More

By Jen

When I was a little girl we didn't have cable television. "Our television was a piece of furniture unto itself." It sat in the living room; a large plant stand from which Little House on the Prairie blared religiously on Monday evenings.

"Mondays were my favorite night back then." After cheering for Laura as she triumphed time and again over the detestable Nellie Oleson my mother and I would sit cross-legged in front of the TV folding the weekend laundry while she watched M*A*S*H. It was quality time. I had her all to myself -- even if I did have to sit and match socks. It wasn't... Read More

Dog the Bounty Hunter is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the "N" word. You would think that these racists would have learned their lesson after watching people like comedian Michael Richards and radio talk show host Don Imus bite the dust for using the word that can end careers and spark an enormous worldwide backlash in a millisecond. Use of this six-letter word is an invitation to self-destruction. Now. A&E has taken Dog the Bounty Hunter off the air. Talks to bring it back any time soon aren't underway. Duane "Dog" Chapman is in big trouble and all I can say is that racists eventually... Read More

How was I supposed to know it was there? True, I have been a paying customer of Direct TV for over seven years and I can assume, now, today, that it was always there. It was just waiting for me to look for it. I had never heard of it before, no one has ever spoken to me about it. I have never ever read about it. How could such a wonderful thing sit inside my TV without my notice? What am I blathering on about? Well, I am talking about Link TV, the worldwide satellite TV station, that makes and then lives up to the claim of "Television without Borders." Due to a recent back injury, I have found... Read More

When Whoopi Goldberg debuted yesterday on "The View" her objective was clear. Her plan was to say something controversial to get the press talking about the show’s newest addition. Say something edgy that will get the media's attention and garner the show all sorts of free publicity. Create a buzz. But, what the Whoopster did was about as bad as every movie she's ever acted in (with the exception of â"The Color Purple" and maybe "Ghost") What she said wasn't controversial. It was just stupid. Goldberg decides to take on the issue of Michael Vick and dogfighting -- one of the most sensitive... Read More

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